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Burnout dreams

Published on 30 May 2018 at 07:00

You probably know a moment in your life when things are going against you, a burnout, stress and / or maybe a depression The influence of stress, burnout, depression, dreams and visions is so deep connected that it almost goes hand in hand with each other.



Burn-out complaints, giving through dreams and visions as ONE OF THE FIRST SIGNALS; that are often initially overlooked! Precisely because you cannot place it and / or because you are not aware of it.


But pay attention; you first get to see strange dreams and visions before the other clearer signals become visible. Your head, your soul, your mind are not fooling you - be aware of your signals being given to you while you sleep.


You sleep badly, you have scary dreams, nightmares, strange dreams, restless legs, etc. are also real signs that belong to burnout or depression.


The other signals slowly arrive at a later time and ensure that you actually have a burnout, depression, anxiety disorder.



As I wrote before in this blog, dreams and visions go hand in hand with each other because after the signals the strange dreams and visions often stay with you until you are completely in balance again. During the recovery period, dreams and visions are clearly present and show exactly how you are doing.


Your anger, your fear, your sadness are intensified during a burnout, depression and come up twice through your dreams and visions. Your brain has to give burnout, depression a place in your head and your life. It is precisely this part that ensures that you walk hand in hand with dreams and visions during the entire process.

They are also the first signal dreams and signal visions of recovery at both the unconscious level and the conscious level. So pay attention !; your dreams and visions tell you much more than you might think. They tell you how you feel, they give you signals that you don't always want to see as a BUSY PEOPLE.



Maybe you are currently in a depression, anxiety or burnout, take the time however difficult it is to keep a dreams and visions diary. - they give you insight, signals that you have hidden deep within yourself - you may find in your dreams and visions the key to change and improvement towards balance.


How do I write a dream diary? Sleep Diary


burnout dreams often have to do with war, flight, fear and besides a deeper emotional experience also have a deeper spiritual experience. It hits a lot harder, you can compare it to a child who dreams of a monster under the bed that keeps coming back.



Another signal is that dreams and visions often repeat themselves, or part of it repeatedly - being locked up, trapped, houses burning, plane crash that are repeated over and over again a few examples that can indicate stress, burnout, trauma , anxiety, depression complaints.


Of course you can recognize the recovery by yourself, but in the dream and vision area with the decrease of the intensity, emotions, feelings and fears and ultimately in the area of the amount of dreams and visions until it is completely in balance again.



Of course I am not a depression doctor or burn-out specialist etc so always follow their approach and do not deviate from this. My vision is pure and sincere from the experience in the field of dreams and visions depression and burnout.

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