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Dealing with nightmares

Published on 11 March 2018 at 12:04

We've all had them, some people more than others, but you can remember a nightmare! Because nightmares can have so much impact, you often panic or worry about anything and everything; maybe add things that are not important at all.


In fact, a nightmare can cause fear of sleep or even trauma to scary dreams and nightmares. The fear conquers and paralyzes everything, the fear blocks you and prevents you from taking any more steps in life. But dear dreamer, nightmare gobbler, this is not the feeling you are supposed to experience; during the nightmare you make great leaps forward in your life, your situation and especially your soul liberate itself from everything that is no longer needed.




"Your nightmares are the hidden blessings even though you may not be able to imagine it now," but later on you see the puzzle pieces falling together and your nightmare helped very well.


There are many people who have suffered (unconscious) trauma in any form that is connected to a nightmare experience. There are also examples of people who no longer dare to sleep or even first turn the bedroom completely upside down that there may be negative energy or outside influences. And of course it can (chances are small) but generally nightmares are linked to yourself and your own fears.



"The definition of nightmares is a harbinger of something unwanted or very negative energy", in my view does not apply realistically ..... And of course I am aware that everything is possible and that everything is possible and that there are exceptions on my vision ... But that's my personal opinion and experience that I want to share with you.

In all the years that I work with dreams, visions, daydreaming coach, it is rare to never that a nightmare is a negative energy prediction etc ... It depends on how you look, how you see it ... is the glass half empty or the glass is half full. I am a very positive spiritual person so I see the life lessons everywhere!

EMBRACE YOUR NIGHTMARES for it brings you a life lesson, a soul lesson; personal growth and karma dissolution. We need nightmares to grow and develop in life. They are very important to you; even more so if you are, for example, spiritual or hypersensitive then the chance is much greater that you have conscious nightmares than if you are still at the beginning of your spiritual development or hypersensitive development.

Nightmares have a purpose, they are for tidying up, cleaning up and giving everything a place in your life. What is a nightmare for one person is the most normal thing in the world for another. You cannot compare nightmares with each other or put them in a box. The nightmare has a deep emotional energy that is personally experienced by the nightmare giver and other people cannot feel, experience or understand it just a little bit. What goes on in your head can become a nightmare, provided you allow it of course. Nightmares and anxiety 


How do you deal better with nightmares in simple simple steps? Sleep paralysis


Step 1 Know that nightmares are a reflection of your daily life, they reveal a feeling, emotion, your soul experience that is related to yourself. Your soul speaks while sleeping!

Step 1a Depression, Burn-out, Stress, etc. are directly and indirectly linked to nightmares; because as a soul you are not comfortable in your own skin - so take this into account!

Step 2 Nightmares are rarely or almost never about something that has nothing to do with yourself, or that has not yet happened

Step 3 Do not go to bed emotionally, do not go to sleep crying, do not go to bed when you are still in the middle of an argument or when you are still angry, etc. First end the day well! relax and unwind and then go to sleep.

Step 4 Make sure you have fresh air in your bedroom, also clean your bedroom energetically regularly; for example by burning sage or laying down crystals.

Step 5 When you wake up from a nightmare, you don't take anything, but focus on your breathing! stay down don't go out, try not to panic. By focusing on your breathing you relax and you come back to a better awareness. So breathe in breathe out and listen to your heart rhythm and feel it go down .......

Step 6 If you are calmer, you better analyze everything that happened! Then write your nightmare on a piece of paper, dream diary etc ..... Write down what you have felt and experienced, that what you have experienced.

Step 7 Write off the energy of the nightmare, with every word you write you let it go and give it to the universe so that they can work with it for you.

Step 8 This is the most important thing to do now! Know that the nightmare is a life lesson, soul lesson, personal growth, development, handling of karma etc ..... Do not go to sleep worrying anymore - do not stay in the energy that the nightmare carried with it, try to sleep peacefully again.

Step 9 Focus on your breathing, focus on your heart and tell yourself that the old energy is gone, that everything is flowing and pure again ........ Relax and relax and feel the energy change and turn positive.

Step 10 Picture it, picture yourself in a beautiful fun dream, picture it what you have always wanted - rearrange the energy of your sleep and you will see that you sleep well

Step 11 If you stay calm, stay relaxed, you can process nightmares better and you wake up more calmly, with more energy, etc.


Embrace your nightmares, even if they are difficult but they are there for a reason; they are there to help you let go and process everything. They confront you with your own behavior and they make you aware of everything that is going on in life.

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