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Feathers on your path

Published on 7 March 2018 at 18:00

It appeals to you, they are waiting for you .... Feathers if you look closely you can see them everywhere - they are there especially for you and you come across them at the most special moments. You shouldn't look for them because then you won't find them - but if you listen carefully to the signals from the universe you will find feathers in your path.

Feathers in all colors and sizes, large, small, down, black, white, brown and sometimes even brightly colored. Each bird feather has a special spiritual message for you and the special thing is that only you yourself can explain and / or understand this message because feathers speak the language of your soul. They are there just for you; not for me or your neighbor.

Feathers dreams, visions, daydreams etc THERE IS REALLY ONE FROM MY FAVO LIST! .... I enjoy it; it is a confirmation of the answered prayer.


It is a confirmation to me that I am not alone, a confirmation that I am on the right path and so on and it makes me feel great ....... I enjoy it; it is a confirmation of the answered prayer; a confirmation that I am not alone, a confirmation that I am on the right path and so on and it gives me a great feeling ....... You just know deep down that it is right, dreams and visions about feathers are so nice to experience and to allow. It is soft, calm and balanced - peaceful and it feels natural.


Maybe you experience it differently or you have a different image of feathers, which is possible because feathers have a special message and / or experience for everyone. For me, feathers represent the universe and the afterlife and the connection with my deceased loved one - that's why feather dreams, visions, daydreams, visualisations with feathers are in my FAVO LIST!

Feathers have so much more to tell! Feathers not only speak the language of the birds, but also of the element air, water, earth and sometimes fire. Just think of the Phoenix (mythical bird that awakens from its own ashes and represents death and rebirth).


Do you also see feathers in your path after asking for help from the universe? ....

Feathers bring more than just signals, they are also linked to the seasons (Spring, summer, autumn and winter). The physical and mental changes that we humans and animals experience. Feathers are connected with day, night; the new beginning and the end of something. Feathers not only give you a good feeling but also transformation and the confidence that anything is possible if you just believe in it. Feathers give you the feeling that there is more in life and then more is possible… ..

Feather energy is positive and is very nice to experience. It is soft, calm and balanced but still raises questions; what if, where would it come from, do I dare to jump just like the spring not knowing where it stops or do I wait a little longer and keep both feet on the ground. Feathers can also make you float, too spiritual or even make you feel lost.



Do you ever dream about feathers? .......


Imagine what would you do if there was a feather that fell on your path and that a personal message could be written to it? ... What would you write, What would you feel - to whom would you send?......

These kinds of visions, dreams, daydreams, visualizations are a reflection of something that can be or what you want. It is the connection with all dimensions as vibrations and energy levels that go outside your (conscious) human senses. During this great experience you can write the life script yourself and, as it were, communicate with your heart desires, your soul assignments etc ...

Use these great feathers on your path to attract what you want, to remove all limitations that you experience as a human being and to have your deceased loved one very close to you etc ... Fill in your own heart wish, soul assignment etc in. Only you can fill this in however you want or need it - but one thing is for sure, feathers on your path are special and should really be cherished. Enjoy this wonderful way of communicating with whoever or whatever it may be! ..... pray, ask, let the universe know and they speak through feathers - they put them in your path, give them to you while you sleep, they appear in your daydream or vision! ..

Dream and vision explanation Feather, bird feather, Peacock feather, Phoenix feather


Dreaming or visions about a feather tells you about receiving a signal, a message and / or support from the universe. You may have asked for help and now you have received answers through your dreams and visions. De Veer represents the element of air and thus the spring is in a dream connection with change, energy and new supply of opportunities and possibilities.

A bird's feather in your dream or vision tells you about softness and levity, but also that things are easy for you. Another explanation is seeing signs and signs from the afterlife that you can follow, as well as insight, help and possibilities.



So another explanation is that you are encouraged to go to work, tackle new opportunities, explore possibilities, invent and above all believe in yourself; you are on the right track. An alternative explanation is that you have to complete problems, things, ideas, possibilities or the past before you can undertake something new.

Peacock feather in your dream or vision tells you about prosperity, growth and development. But especially receiving signals from the universe, the hereafter. An alternative explanation is that a peacock feather represents the evil eye, or adversity, slander and can therefore be described as negative.


Dreams or visions of feathers that angels show you or those angels leave behind tell you something about spiritual growth and development at the highest level. Waking up and becoming aware that there is more to life. Seeing and consciously experiencing your life task. Seeing the light, putting on the divine, fulfilling your soul task; but also fate and that which must be done.

If you see a phoenix feather in your dream or vision then this tells about death and rebirth in a situation you are in. The Phoenix Feather also stands for connection with the magical, miracles and spiritual in your life and / or the awareness of the fact that there is more. Another explanation is that the spring represents inner strength, magic, purity, inner child and cooperation between male and female energy.



Cherish the feathers on your path, open your heart, let your soul speak through feathers and let it flow.
Enjoy this beautiful spiritual connection with yourself, the universe and the afterlife, the birds, the angels, elves and all the elements with which the feathers are connected.

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