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7 Steps To Lucid Dreaming

Published on 2 March 2018 at 08:16

Imagine?. That you feel like you are living in a dream every moment of the day! How would that be, what would you feel and experience? Inner happiness, warmth, affection, freedom, etc. fill in yourself. It is possible to train yourself in such a way that like the ancient Egyptians you are on the roof of the world inside the pyramid while you are just sleeping or even active.


The ancient Egyptians know better than anyone how to dream lucidly and how it can enrich your life. Would you like to learn how to dream lucidly? ... Don't wait any longer and follow these simple basic steps. Experience almost immediately what amazing spiritual experiences and growth you will experience - your soul speaks and your awakening grows with every step you take.




The ancient Egyptians, for example, learn from a very young age that there is a very thin line between matter and spatial aspects such as different dimensions, etc. You can also think of small or large, numerical aspects, many or little, being completely subordinate to you. want. This depends entirely on how you have trained your brain and how it is shaped by your circumstances, environment, family and culture (your frame of reference).

Also the ancient Tibetan yogis are masters of lucid dreams, daydreams, meditations and lived every day in the lucid world that is not connected to time, space and dimension. Dream Yoga for children Droom Yoga 



Your dreams (dream state) are only a reflection of your own brain or your brain. It feels like an illusion. The Egyptians and Tibetans learned by training their awareness 24 hours a day, made the discovery that the essential nature of everything you perceive when you are awake is as unreal as when you are dreaming.


You could say that lucid dreaming is a kind of sleep yoga, is a kind of meditation for your brain and therefore the best sleep you could wish for. And that you stay conscious throughout your sleep while you sleep, and then also wake up rested.

Do you dare to dream lucidly and face all your soul lessons? ........


My own experience is indeed the same; I hardly sleep; no more than an hour or two and I am just like any other person energetic and just awake in time to start a new day. Every night I find myself in the spiritual dimensions where I belong, where I feel comfortable and which are not connected to time and space. In addition, I am also involved during the day through daydreams or visions in these dimensions. I live for two, as it were, but it doesn't feel like it is a state of being for me. It is the truth I do not know a materialistic world through my lucid connection, it is all the same for me. I have been doing lucid dreaming for years now and I have been aware of my unique connection with my soul and my soul tasks for years.


I very often live in multiple dimensions at the same time without my earthly tasks suffering - without anyone ever noticing it, I can live lucidly. Yes, I am not crazy or floaty it is really possible. I taught myself by practicing and connecting myself completely with my dreams and visions… .. Practice and practice - so that I now enjoy the amazing world every day!



Are you ready and jump into the lucid world! .....


Repeat your dream all day long, it sounds crazy but it is a good basic practice for lucid dreaming. You are, as it were, connecting yourself to the dream world that has no time, space and materialism. Picture it, see your dream in front of you all day long and if you take this step you are already very far towards really lucid or conscious dreaming.

The 7 steps to successful lucid dreaming




Step 1

Make the determination before you go to sleep to stay conscious during your dreams, keep this image and feeling tight until the last minutes before going to sleep, focus on the subject you want to dream about or receive vision about.




Step 2

Provide a quiet sleeping environment where you are completely at ease and relax yourself, be careful that you do not, for example, have a cell phone or other steam device near you. This causes disturbances during your sleep and your dream status.




Step 3

Take the time to increase your skills such as meditation, visualization and daydreaming during the day. Try to focus on awareness, the third eye and seeing images, feelings, stimuli, sound, etc.





Step 4

Remember again and again that it is an image, is a dream, an expressive response from your soul (your subconscious). A dream, a visual answer in which everything is possible and in which there are no limits or limitations. If you let go, let go of control and let everything flow then it is very possible that your dream will become lucid.




Step 5

The most important step: You have to be completely fearless of any dream image that appears to you. These can be fun, crazy images; but also images that have to do with soul lessons and always arise from your own thought image - for this you can use the dream dictionary to explain it! You are the writer of the script, you determine where you go and how it forms. You can see yourself as a king or king on the throne of your own world - the more you are yourself at night the more aware you are during the day. The more you grow and develop spiritually.




Step 6

Write down your dream immediately after you wake up; so that you can fathom your dream state. It is important for you to know that everything has an underlying message. What you experience during the day can affect your dream state; it is essentially the same but also has a symbolic meaning or a meaning with a spiritual underlying message. So write everything on one and explain it quietly at your leisure. You find awareness by exposing yourself and giving yourself the opportunity to grow and develop - let your soul speak.




Step 7

Also during the day focus on what you want to dream about. Feel, think, see, hear, smell and taste, but above all experience from your soul what it is like to dream about this. Let your pure self speak and give your soul the opportunity to learn to communicate quietly with your ego your brain. Daydreaming helps with this, meditation, visualization provide big steps towards lucid dreaming, not to mention they strengthen the bond between your soul and your brain. By also focusing your entire day on this topic, you increase the chance that you will dream lucidly about this topic.




Are you already dreaming lucid or are you a conscious dreamer? .......





As a final addition:

I want to tell you that you can learn lucid dreaming - all people, regardless of origin, background, religion, color, shape, are able to dream lucidly. Yes you can really learn it and you can really apply it in your life so that you will grow even faster spiritually. But you have to do something for it, practice, practice and practice again. Learn Lucid Dreaming like a pro

Then you can certainly think of six months to a year and for some people even longer. For example, if you are a real dreamer (conscious dreamer, HSP, spiritual, highly sensitive, etc.…) then it will go faster because the connection is often already deeper. But no worries lucid dreaming really anyone can you too! ...




Have you, like me, already been in multiple dimensions and / or are you connected to your soul purpose every day? ........

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