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Dream altar

Published on 27 February 2018 at 19:04

Especially for the conscious dreamer, visioner, daydreamer or spiritual grower, there are DREAM ALTAR that you can apply to increase your connection with the dream and vision world. Do you want better, different, in-depth, supplementary, strengthening, magnifying etc ... ... Contact with your deepest soul then get started with YOUR PERSONAL DREAM ALTAR. and you will see immediate results.


I enjoy a small moment every day for myself and with the dream and vision energy that is present in my life and environment at that moment. I commit; I feel the energy flowing and I make sure to align with my dream and vision tasks. As it were, I tune in every day by connecting myself to my dream altar and tune in to what may happen. A dream altar expresses your personality, your soul, your pure self - it reflects who you are; what you need right now. 


A dream altar is always good, is never wrong - because it only suits you and not anyone else. A dream altar is more than just a place where you burn a candle, it is a place that allows you to connect with yourself, your dreams, wishes, visions YOUR SOUL ..... It is therefore very important that you regularly treat yourself to a place for yourself. If you regularly (preferably every day) take time for the connection with your dream and visions energy, with your guides, your helpers etc ....... you will experience change and transformation in many areas in your life.



Do you want more connection; more growth, a deeper connection between soul and your mind then starts today with a dream altar!


An altar is not necessarily associated with the intention to pray or to use magic. This is allowed, this is possible, but not necessary; you can fill this in yourself. You can choose to connect your dream altar with religion or natural elements, but you don't have to. It is just what you want, you determine the energy and you determine what you attract, what you create.


As it were, you attune yourself to the energy that is present in your life; you tune in to everything that may arise, that may come, that may be processed - whereby you take a big step forward in your personal growth. Who wouldn't want that, to grow and develop without actually having to learn and study something. Just by being yourself, by letting your own colors speak your energy. "The dream altar is a reflection of your energy and your purity".


Make yourself a (small) altar does not have to be big (it is about the intention) you do not have to spend hours with your altar; ... You can adjust your altar every season, but you can also choose to let new energy flow through your altar once a week / every day. You can make your altar on a table, on the floor, on a cupboard; it doesn't matter everything is allowed as long as it reflects and reflects yourself. 


A fun fact!

That an altar ensures that the energy in your home, your environment remains clean and tidy on a daily basis - your altar can also be read, understood and used by you alone. Your energy is in it, your dreams and visions energy comes up through this - your guides, helpers, supporters and so on are connected to this.

ADVICE Must haves for your altar




Plants or flowers

White light from a candle;

Frankincense and oil;

Personal items;

Oracle card, tarot, insight card, etc.




And of course my favorite!

Seasonal items that represent the element of water, fire, air, earth.

Personal message I write down such as: Enjoy the little things or My life is magically wonderful and abundant! ......

A pillow or rug to enjoy at your altar!


Another fun fact is

That a rose quartz, amethyst next to your bed influences your sleep, you not only relax better! ... ...

You pick up the pure vibration of the crystal and with that you are able to travel spiritually through different dimensions, grow and develop spiritually. Provided you are open to this. In addition, the crystal is of course also healing and healing, which you can enjoy even more during your sleep, rest period because you are more deeply connected to the right vibration and energy.



What a Dream Altar does for you is mainly connect yourself with your being pure, with yourself and forget everything in your life for a while. It increases your soul connection and you easily learn to speak the language of your soul. A dream altar also allows you to easily connect yourself with the energy that flows around you, the energy in your home, the dream and visions energy.



Through a dream altar you also learn which energy does not belong to you, what does not suit you and you learn to recognize an unhealthy situation, energy. You strengthen yourself; you will become more empowered, protect yourself against unwanted external influences because you are much more in touch with yourself, your guides, helpers, supporters and so on.….


Have fun with your DREAM ALTAR

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