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Twinsouls dream

Published on 4 February 2018 at 21:00

You probably know the words!; .... twinsouls, soulmates, soulgroup. If not, you have probably had a moment in your life when you met someone who directly entered into a soul connection with you without words or deep knowledge! This doesn't have to be love only; but can also be business or friendly. 


In any case, it is someone who can read and write with you - without you ever meeting before.


A Twinflame or soulmate is someone you know you've met before; but what you do not know at the first moment. It's that unclear sense of recognition, the puzzle pieces that fall into place in relationship. Twinsouls, soulmates, soul flame or soul groups occur in all forms and degrees; those who support you on your life path for a longer time and for a day or alone in line at the checkout.



Every person you meet on your life path has some connection with you through the soul group. He or she is here on earth just like you for a reason - sometimes you agree on things and sometimes you just need to get a feel for each other.


I don't want to go into very detail on the spiritual twin souls, soul mate, or soul group theory, but only on the dreams and visions part. Your dreams and visions are also connected to your energy out and in - attracting it and letting it go. It goes along with the dreams and visions that you may receive. You are the first to receive dreams and visions from your twinflame or soulmate before you are even aware of the fact that it is there.


Before meeting your soulmate, soulflame, twinsoul, you have already seen, heard, felt and experienced each other several times through the dreams and visions world. In fact, through dreams or visions you can experience this life, previous life and any lives before that together. If you are alive and your twin soul or soul mate is alive then you can talk to each other through your dreams and visions. And that while this person may live in America or China. The twinflame and soulmate connection has no limits.



It is also true that when your twinflame, soulflame or soulmate is not alive, but has chosen to stay in the soul realm, speak to each other through dreams and visions, feel each other and experience each other through other dimensions. Dream tree DNA There is not as accessible as dreams and visions because when your ego is less active you have no spiritual boundaries.

You are not only easy to reach for your guides, helpers, the universe, but also for those who belong to your soul group. Entering into karma together, coping with old wounds, pains from your past lives, not to mention those of now. 

You always carry it together regardless of whether you are aware of each other or not - whether you are both alive or not. You always do everything through the dream and vision world together. 





So it may be that your soulmate in Australia never comes your way, but that you are together a lot in the dream and visionworld. You can feel his or her sadness, you can experience her or his happy mood, feel his / her personal energy and live in the same dimensions on a spiritual level ... so really dream or vision touching, hearing talking etc .; without really having met each other as human beings. (It doesn't have to be a loved one, your best friend, child can also be your soulmate)


You can suddenly get sick out of nowhere, get a headache, or be drawn into a vision that you are almost certain to not get rid of. Yes then you are dealing with a soulmate, soulflame, twinsoul etc… .. It does not have to be the case with these kinds of visions and dreams that you are allowed to help with this. Rather, it is carrying the burden together, dissolving it together on a spiritual level; you are the supporting factor - and you keep lowering the burden until you are ever allowed to meet as a human being.


When you meet each other as a person, this process goes much faster, deeper and more intensively - your dreams and visions only increase; you feel more, dream and see everything colored in; cries, shouts along, experiences the inner wounds as if they were your own. Only until you have both dissolved the karma, previous lives will you grow together again spiritually to the highest soul point.




It happens very often that you come into contact with a soulflame, soulmate, twinsoul or someone from the soul group through your dreams or visions. We come across a lot of like-minded people who are all on the same energy waves and you pick them up unconsciously or consciously!

The higher you see in your energy, the deeper you are aware of your dreams and visions, the more clearly you can receive the signals from your soulflame, soulmate, twinsoul. So it is very common that your soulmate, soulflame or twinsoul calls you for help; your soul knows that this energy comes from within itself, but your mind does not know this or not yet.



Take the time to pay attention to this and write it down so that you can explain it and gain insight into what is your own and what is your soulmate, soulflame and / or twin soul.



Almost immediately after you are born we start contacting your soul group; you let your energy flow through your third eye and with this you try to make contact with other souls who are at the same height. They then answer this and also let you hear through the energy waves that they recognize you. These energy waves also ensure that you meet the right people, the right people cross your path.


It is those energy waves that ensure that during your dreams and visions you actually make the soul connections with your like-minded person and can experience their status through the dream and vision world.


In fact, this message is (probably) only read by people who are on the same or adjacent energy wave - twin souls or soul mates, soul flames, soul group people. Or those who are allowed to work with this in their lives - your soul mate, soul flame, twin soul makes contact with you through the dream and vision world. So that you can ever come into contact with each other and / or that you can bear each other's burdens to solve old karma etc. together without ever meeting each other as a person.

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