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Time dreams

Published on 22 February 2018 at 19:15

You check the clock every day, maybe more times a day, it has become a habit. We live with the clock and if the clock is stopped then we have a problem! ... Without a clock we can no longer - strange because very earlier we just looked at the position of the sun and knew it was around noon.  But nowadays we are people of the invention clock and so strong that in our dream and vision world we have stuck a great fun statement to this.

Clock dreams and visions are very common and are often seen as difficult and oppressive. Clock or time dreams give us a sense of control, obligation and authority; but especially opposition. TIME DREAMS brings us much more than blockage, resistance, setback, stress etc ..... no, the clock not only reflects the modern human age but also the inner biological clock.


The clock we all got; but which we have completely lost because we have come to find the inventions more important. In reality, we live with the clock in an unnatural way every day and that comes out very clearly in your dreams and visions. 




Introduce yourself; what would it do to your body if you were not forced to be woken by your alarm clock at 6am, but could just be awakened by the rising of the sun? ...... 



What does it do to you? ......... It is strange that we are obliged to live with the modern clock while our body is not adjusted to this at all. We are by nature a kind of running clock, that's how we were made so dreams and visions about the clock are so common and have a very great fun translations.


Do you sometimes dream about the clock, time and / or alarm clock? .......


Dreams and visions about the clock are LOGICAL about time; and then you can think too little time, stress, the clock ticking away in your life, loss and awareness of the fact that you want to hurry up. I describe wanting to hurry up because dreams about the clock are always about yourself. You want to get along with something in your life on a conscious or unconscious level. This makes dreams and visions about the clock so confrontational and very intensive; ..... because just when you are not feeling well, you dream or vision about the clock, time or your alarm clock that goes off very loudly .. ...


We often think or feel in the dream that we are late; but is that also the case? ...... Usually not because everything in life comes at the right time in the right way. It is not the other way around, you are not too late, time does not stand still, there are many external influences that count in life and the situation we are in.



As a soul you are never too late; right on time - as a person you can of course be late for that appointment with that good friend etc .... but they do not really count heavily in the dream and vision. The nice great explanation is that the clock also represents the inner clock and you can think of the transition, midlife crisis, monthly period etc ..... but you can also think of milestones like 18 years, 30 or 65 etc.





Another nice cool explanation is that the clock also the connection with the elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air). But our beautiful planet and the positions of the moon, sun, influence of energy gates and the seasons are also represented by the time and clock. The clock reflects everything that flows, what comes and what goes ....

That which is consciously present in your life and that which will be the still unknown future. So it is connected to your past life, past as well as to your still unclear future.  




In addition, the clock, alarm or alarm clock also reflects the inner bell, inner alarm that we all have, you know subconsciously or consciously exactly whether things are going as they should or not. The inner alarm clock only goes off when you really need to wake up that, for example, continuing on the same road is not smart etc ... you warn yourself, as it were, for mistakes, problems and obstacles that are present in your life. 

Another nice cool explanation is that the time, clock and alarm are connected to the circle of life, the infinite that goes on and on and on does not stop and with which you are always connected. You can't stop it, you can't speed it up, you can't edit it and maybe that's why it's so confronting and sometimes so hard to explain!   


So dream or vision with peace of mind, they are there purely to help you, to heal, to heal, to learn and to close periods in your life. Just when you are allowed to stand on your own feet again, sit on your own buttocks, you dream or have a vision about the clock, time and the worker.




Let your clock and time dream, visions flow smoothly and enjoy the pure signals that time, the clock bring you and let you experience it consciously.

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