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It depends on how you look

Published on 19 February 2018 at 19:00

Maybe you take the time every day to manifest, visualize; "you open your mind's eye and you let yourself be surprised", everything that appears can become realistic or it was once tangible. Likewise the intuitive spiritual images, the other dimensions and then you can think of a world full of elves, or the old Atlantis etc.… I know maybe you think now that is crazy….



How can you connect yourself with Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, Atlantica etc. That's pure fantasy right! Ehh no in my experience not, I am able to pick up my old energy and move through my mind's eye.

And yes you can do this too, this energy is available to everyone. There is also the question of what in my view is reality, is seen by another as pure fantasy.


But what you cannot see, feel and experience does not necessarily have to be fantasy. In fact, "IT'S JUST HOW YOU LOOK" It is often the case that you don't share these kinds of things with everyone around you, that your kind of experience doesn't have in common with everyone .... It's often those things that your family doesn't understand, they often dismiss this as "fantasy", it is not real, it does not exist, you must have dreamed it; so your personal reaction might be "I have experienced it wrong".



Your personal vibration, energy ensures that you receive what you need - past life- old civilizations and spiritual growth are very deeply connected.

Visualizing, manifesting and meditating are directly connected with the higher vibrations that were once present on this earth and now gradually attract us again.



Every day people wake up, every day there are people who understand that what appears in your mind's eye cannot be dismissed as "I have seen it wrong".

Because your coach or your best friend, your partner, your father, brother etc. Not understanding or being able to see does not mean that it is not the case. Your life path is different, your past lives have been different and the way you look at the world, dimensions and other spiritual vibrations determines the way in which you fulfill your life purpose.

Your personal colors are important now, you can shine and please don't deprive yourself - If your vision takes you to a world full of color and magic "why couldn't it have existed? ......."





I now live to the full, enjoy life, flow with me, get in the boat and just know that everything will be fine.


Sometimes your earthly family karma does not invent until later in life; maybe you don't see the connection between the elements or situation now, but suddenly the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Investigate your family karma because that can (unintentionally) prevent yourself from flowing with the beautiful element of water, that your life stream, your personal river or sea does not flow with you but against yourself. No matter how fast you row or swim, you first have to find out why!



I describe the word Earth Family because we beautiful souls have a family in which we were born to learn certain things, to experience and / or to solve family karma etc .....

There are plenty of other reasons, but those may fill in yourself and / or experience it on a personal level. We also have a soul family (souls from the same soul group) these come into your life at the same energy level or come into your life as like-minded people. They can come very short, they can stay your whole life and they can go again. But they always come to bring you something on the same spiritual scale.

Over the years I learned an important lesson THAT I ALWAYS APPLY TO EVERYTHING APPEARING ON MY MIND EYE. Stay close to yourself; IT'S JUST HOW YOU LOOK.

It doesn't appear to you for nothing! there is an underlying soul message behind the question, however, do you take the time to find out or to accept that there is a lesson to be learned. If during a meditation or vision you walk around Fairyland or are a student of the wizard Merlin, are Mermaid, walk around Camelot and so on; then you can see this as a very clear signal from your soul.

Only you decide what you do with this. With this message I do not want to encourage walking around with pink glasses and / or that you have to bury your head in the sand for the world in which you live.



Keep a balance between opening your third eye (mind's eye) and the daily life associated with obligations and fixed things. But this is my personal experience - should you feel more connected to the energies then there is no one to judge or judge you on this IT IS BUT HOW YOU LOOK.


You are connected to everything, as it were, your soul is in multiple places at the same time and as you grow spiritually you discover this - you are your past life, you are in the now and you can also be in other dimensions or energy levels. The deeper you connect yourself with your intuition, the more you can experience other dimensions and / or previous lives. The more sensitive you are and the more you open yourself to this, the more you can have the experience “IT IS JUST HOW YOU LOOK”, and then you can experience and let the amazing higher spiritual energy flow through your life.


We are all able to be present on multiple levels; provided you open up for this. So if you really tune in to your pure and deep energy, you can connect to the vibrations that are present on Earth right now, only before the human eye is not tangible. The higher you can connect yourself, the more you can experience.



Practice tuning in to your intuition



Sometimes intuition is just: following what feels right for you at the moment, DOING WHAT YOU BELIEVE.

Sometimes it happens that if you are hypersensitive you can experience some kind of noise; that you doubt your intuition and you may also pick up something or other from people in your environment. So here you can find a very thin line that as a sensitive person it is difficult to put aside. So learn to tune yourself in to your own compass, your intuition, to become "clear" again.


When you feel grounded, calm, and in your center, you can connect with your heart and tune in to what feels right for you right now, what suits you well and what gives you the feeling of inner happiness and singing - as it were you fall in love with yourself. Imagine that if you had to make a choice, take the time to feel, how my body feels my heart when I put all the options together. Which makes me really happy.


Be sure to watch and listen to what happens in your body when you think about your options. Observe and see what happens as you begin to follow these little physical experiences; what does your mind's eye see and what happens to my crown chakra. This short exercise will help you to get in the habit of tuning into yourself and with that, tuning into your intuition becomes a lot easier and therefore you can better meditate, visualize, manifest and use your crown chakra, Third eye.




By connecting deeply with your pure feelings, your soul can better receive the signals from the universe. By which you can connect yourself more deeply with the energy or vibrations that are still very much present from old civilizations and other dimensions. All people are able to tap into, to feel into these old and special magical energies; all you have to do is believe that your visions, meditations and so on are actually true.


IT IS JUST HOW YOU LOOK, and be surprised by your spiritual knowledge, wisdom, soul experiences and life lessons. This is how it should be, you experience this for a reason and you can really get started with it.

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