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All colors count

Published on 12 February 2018 at 07:00

The rainbow is a symbol as a signal from the hereafter, the rainbow dream, vision gives us a very good feeling .... It is so pure and pure, it speaks to your imagination and makes you shine. They heard me, open my arms and receive. The rainbow is more than just beautiful colors, it is a natural phenomenon that is magical - so magical and wonderful that each vibration and color tells its own story.


Every layer of the rainbow pulls you, gives you healing and healing.

It flows through your inner child, playfulness and wonder throughout your body and that's why dreams and visions about rainbows are so special and special. It's more than magic; it has a deep connection with the elemental beings, unicorns, magic, miracles.



As I just described with the deep purity of your soul you can really experience the rainbow. Every soul on this beautiful planet is connected to this human, animal, elemental being, angels and so on; it has no limits.

THE RAINBOW IS MORE THAN JUST A SIGNAL, the rainbow represents the gateway to other dimensions, time travel and transformation. But what is behind the rainbow is unknown ..... but it doesn't matter; the rainbow is shining and because it shines it's good.

The color that appeals to you the most is the chakra that may be healed; it is the color that needs attention, it is the color of the underlying message that you as a soul may learn.



Have you ever experienced a magical vision with a rainbow? ....


We most dream about the rainbow when we try to connect with the universe, soul plan, soul assignment, like-minded; or if we need help on an (un) conscious level. We also dream about rainbows if we happened to see a rainbow; which strengthens our energy to also appear in the dream and vision world as a double signal.



We most dream of rainbows during gate days, when the energy layers of all dimensions are thinner. As a child we often dream about rainbows but as we get older our fantasy decreases and therefore also dreams of the rainbow. Only when you open yourself up again to this beautiful energy and magic you will feel and experience the healing of the colors again.

The nice thing about dreams or visions in which a rainbow appears is that it is connected to your own color palette - so it may be that your dreams and visions rainbow consist of two colors; but it can of course also consist of ten different shades. Color yourself in your own rainbow, as it were; unlike the earthly rainbow, you determine how big the rainbow is, which color and to which dimension you will travel. 

The rainbow also represents the elements of earth, fire, water and air; who in turn represent the elemental beings. It is the combination of everything that makes the rainbow so special - finding balance in life and your situation. Healing and healing and the way you live and / or stand on earth.

The rainbow therefore asks you to see how you are grounded, not float and still grow, have confidence that a new possibility is waiting for you on the other side of the rainbow. You even determine which objects, signals you will receive from the hereafter. If you dream or have visions very consciously, you can send messages, packages to the universe yourself; stand on the rainbow and move like a time-traveling gnome.


"It's just what you believe", it's just what you want! ... rainbows provide wonderful revelations to yourself. While you are dreaming or having a vision there are no boundaries and your soul speaks purely and honestly… Your deepest desires are not blocked, they flow healing with the rainbow regardless of your inner fear and regardless of what the future will bring you. It is your soul plan that connects to any dimension.


Do you often dream about rainbows? .....

RAINBOWS OFTEN APPEAR IN CONSCIOUS DREAMERS, but you can also think of astral projection, NDE and similar spiritual experiences. Rainbows also appear more often with souls with a special assignment that has to do with elemental beings, your inner child, HSP, ADHD and purity, artists and creatives, entrepreneurs with a mission, etc.… .. But one thing is for sure rainbows appear at the right time to the right person in the right dream or vision with the right healing energy.


Cherish all the colors of the rainbow; they make you shine, see what you need at this moment.

The rainbow also represents the past, present and future, your past life, karma and (twin) soul connections that need attention. So the rainbow is very positive and magical but can also be experienced as a bump or obstacle that you have to overcome before you can start the inner soul journey - What do you find behind the rainbow? .....

You don't know that yet, you can only leave that to the universe or yourself by just having faith. 


Embrace your inner rainbow; and shine!

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