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Compensatory dreams

Published on 14 January 2021 at 10:12

Did you know that there is such a thing as compensatory (fantasy) dreams? Another description is improving or far-reaching dreams. These are dreams that make you aware of the fact that ... It is that part of your waking existence that you miss or cannot resolve. Emotions, feelings, lovelessness, stress, burnout experiences, trauma and other things that you fill in to compensate.



This experience is most common at times when you have nothing yourself, as it were. That is why at the time of corona this is also a recurring dream topic which is important to take into account. Compensatory (fantasy) dreams can also be projected on celebrities, influencers, people who are rich and / or successful while yourself totally does not own that and / or have it in your life purpose. It displays messages, shows insights, displays possibilities that you could undertake or implement.


Compensatory dreams are nothing more and nothing less than the realization of the fact that you are missing, lacking, needing, and so on.



It is your deepest desire, your intuition, life purpose that is very deeply hidden and is only clearly visible while you are asleep and / or when your ego is in an inactive state, as it were. Compensatory dreams are more common than you think - especially when there is imbalance in your life. It reflects that bit of recognition that your deepest desire is looking for. You make it more beautiful than it really is. It is more likely to occur in people with depression, burnout, stress and / or trauma and difficult circumstances.



It gives your ego, your soul a better or different sense of life!


Compensatory dreams often return, but generally in a new packaging (different form) location, situation but in the same context or the same energy. Use the compensatory dreams as a source of information to get to know and discover yourself. By keeping a dream diary or sleeping diary, for example, you gain insight into what you miss in your life and / or what you need.



It's not that compensatory dreams are meaningless! The word says it all, it compensates. It makes you feel good "it caresses your ego", rather than meaning something deep and / or spiritual. This does not alter the fact that these kinds of dreams are also an important part of your dream process and get to know yourself well. You can also find the common thread through these kinds of dreams.



Sometimes a dream is just a dream, that also applies to compensatory dreams!

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