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Every dream day is different

Published on 11 February 2018 at 10:43

The day you dream does not only have a deep dream or vision statement. The energy of the day when you experience this tells you much more than you might initially think and it gives you an in-depth look at the energy you are in at the moment. In addition to the dream and vision statement, you can learn more about yourself and your current life situation.

Your current life lessons, karma, past lives, obstacles to come. Every day is different, every day the energy flows differently and it is connected to your personal energy that speaks through your dreams and visions and of course through signals. 

How is it then that you dream more intensively one day than the next? ... You probably already know - the day energy, the week energy, the month energy and the year energy.


If you have a dream on Sunday, this gives a different energy and message than a vision on Monday. If you dream during the full moon, the dream has another charge and a different deeper message that you as a soul can use to grow and develop. If you have a vision about your twin soul during a gate day, this indicates the energetic connection with your soul mate group etc.



Just pay attention when you dream or have a vision during a gate day! .....


You can think of it as the double underlying message that makes the difference between the beginning and the end of a situation. You can also think of the beginning of the month and the end of the month that makes the difference. At the end of the year and a completely new year are a world of difference.

The influence of seasons also play a role, dream, if you have a vision in autumn about picking fruits, this gives a completely different picture than having a vision or dream about picking fruits in the spring. 


Just pay attention! ...... (for example, what do you experience in spring and what do you experience in winter)





The more sensitive you are, the more you can become aware of the outside influence - influence of the positions of the moon, the energy of the day and the roundings and openings of the year etc. The action you take on this is of course up to yourself. - you can get started with it, you can of course also put it aside.

As the week progresses the stronger the energy becomes, the stronger you can feel and experience it in either your dreams or visions. Open yourself to the energy and the waves it sends out; the signals and energy sent out give you the opportunity to look deeper into yourself and your situation.


EXPERIENCING WORLD OF DIFFERENCE is done by knowing which energy day or energy week your dream or vision has been revealed to you. The universe sends the right signals and energy to you at the right time; and as human beings we are very, very directly connected to this - open yourself to this and let it flow.



Do you dream differently on Sunday than on Monday? .......

Dreams on MA, TU, WO, TH, VR, SA, SO tell you the following


Dreams or visions on Monday usually tell you about the new beginnings, new opportunities, but also the fool, the first steps to take and about the basics of life. Another explanation is that Monday reflects a base of every situation, your own core and base, your heart and your feelings, etc.





Dreams or visions on Tuesday tell you about planting seeds, taking the first steps towards new opportunities - you've already made the plans and are now taking the first action. You can also experience Tuesday as a magic and alchemist who is developing.






Dreams or visions on Wednesday tell you about planning your life path, the unveiled future. Finding the balance between your masculine and feminine energy, you can also think of the high priestess who very consciously deals with the situation and the next steps. But Wednesday is mainly about the nurturing, creative in your life - the feminine energy is more present than the masculine energy.






Dreams or visions on Thursday tell you about fertility, taking action and plans for the longer future. Finding your life purpose and your soul mission. It also tells you something about finding the dark side of your plans and wishes; every new dream not only has fun things but also obstacles that you can overcome etc.






Dreams or visions on Friday tell you about stability, power, help, strength and reflected for the masculine energy. Finding the balance between your masculine and feminine energy, you can also think of the emperor who provides action and change with his masculine energy. You take steps that are important for a new situation. In addition, Friday also stands for power and authority, following the rules and obligations that you cannot escape.






Dreams or visions on Saturday tell you about the experience of a day that represents the completion. The almost achieved result is reflected by Saturday. Another explanation is, the day of spiritual awareness and protection from the afterlife. Another explanation of Saturday is about love, affection, warmth, being successful, being completely in balance. Inspiration and attraction, victory and irreversible success. Another explanation is that Saturday represents the calm before the storm, doubts and moderation






Dreams or visions on Sunday tell you about the blessing car; the victory over everything that is happening or has played in your life. You are aware of the fact that you can allow change in your life - you write the path you want to walk. Another explanation is that you have the feeling that help and support is coming to you and / or is present with you from the universe. Fate, it must be, karma and blessings.


Can you post this already a bit let me know! ..... share your dream, vision story below !.

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