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Grandma's nightcap

Published on 10 February 2018 at 07:00

You probably know, the old remedy Nightcap and I do not mean the "before going to sleep another large glass of liquor" ... This blog is not about sleeping a little too deep in the glass. It can also be very effective; because you sleep like a baby right? ....

As a result, you hardly do (consciously) dreaming anymore, because you shorten the process of light sleep, delta sleep and REM sleep etc. and only sleep deeply until you wake up with or without a hangover.

It has now been proven that if you drink one glass of alcohol every night before going to sleep, you can sleep very well and peacefully. Keeping your conscious dreams flowing as they should. With this blog, I do not want to claim that alcohol caps are not good for your REM sleep, but use it consciously.



Grandma's nightcap


As I described, you probably know it from the past. A warm glass of milk with or without cinnamon, anise, special granny additives; ensures peaceful sleep and peaceful dreams. What happens is that you relax before going to sleep; you, as it were, make your body aware of the fact that the active person can prepare for being inactive "the sleep mode" turns you on, as it were.




Milk contains tryptophan and melatonin and that ensures that you fall asleep faster, tryptophan is sleep-inducing, it also ensures that your digestion is relaxed and that you even snore less. The combination of the nightcap such as anise and cinnamon not only provides the taste but also a relaxed warmth that allows the body to rest more easily.

The heat you receive as a result has a positive effect on your entire body. So if you sleep well; you dream better too! you enter the sleep process more slowly, so that you are faster and more aware of the dozing, light sleep followed by deep sleep, delta sleep and finally REM sleep. 

So during the REM Sleep you dream and that process repeats itself 6 times a night; with peaks and troughs. This process is necessary because it allows your brain to clear everything up in your head so that you can start fresh and energized the next morning.

We all dream every night! (6 times). You can only teach yourself to dream consciously; and take it from me everyone can do it !. So if you feel that you almost never dream, this could be due to a number of things - restless sleep, sleep problems - ADHD and / or related - stress, excessive alcohol consumption, trauma, not being aware of the fact that you dream every night , Restless legs and Sleep apnea etc ...



Grandma's sleeping caps has a positive influence on this, she ensures that you can better experience your dreams, signals from the universe, guides, helpers etc. When you sleep (REM sleep) you are more receptive to spiritual insights, more receptive to help and support because your ego is less active.

The better you sleep, the more consciously you can remember dreams and the more you can learn, explain and give a place to yourself in your life or situation. So trust me, get to sleep well, being relaxed will help you remember your dreams and signals!

As a result of which you gain new insights at a later time, can enlarge your dream and visions connection and therefore grow further as a soul than you ever thought. Insight and soul growth comes with sleeping peacefully! 


Not everyone likes hot milk, but there are also other ways to fall asleep well and therefore dream more consciously and remember it well. You can also choose herbal teas such as sage, camomile or special tea blends.

Coconut milk and coconut oil with turmeric.

Bach flower remedy you can let this work on you while you are calm and then can go to sleep peacefully.

Incense with a soft scent.

Put on soft music.


But it all starts with one thing - put yourself into sleep mode and relax before going to sleep. Read more about spiritual evening rituals.

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