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Valentine dreams

Published on 8 February 2018 at 20:24

Valentine will soon be back at the door and it doesn't matter whether you are single, happily married or divorced - in a new relationship, just dating or a widow or widower for years. The outside influence has a direct influence on your dreams and visions. You are much more sensitive to love dreams, romance, sex and sensuality, past lives, old unresolved relationships, those deeper soul images during this time than during the rest of the year.

During the Valentine period you can certainly start dreaming about everything you have not achieved in your life and what you wanted to do but what is still on your wish list.



But you can also think of past lives, past relationships that pass by and have not been processed, etc. afterwards that let the influence flow and that you can experience on either an unconscious level or a conscious level.

In addition, during Valentine's Day the universe, the afterlife is also deeply connected with your dream and vision world. If you sleep during this period, chances are they will visit you in your dreams and visions; your guides and helpers will send healing and supportive energy to you during this period that you can use to get started etc.




Do you also dream differently than normal during Valentine's Day? ........


If you as a woman have her period during this period, chances are that during Valentine's Day you dream about blood, love, your heart, affection, warmth, the womb, pregnancy, etc. In addition, Valentine also takes care of the women during this period; start to reflect “what do I have, what do I not have”.


A woman in menopause also dreams more about the womb, children, family, family and / or what you don't have in your life during the Valentine's Day; but what is still on your list of desires you have to do or attract to you.

Men are much less bothered by the hormones and the reflection of the desire for what you do not have and / or what you would like to have etc. But that does not mean that men cannot perceive the influence of the energy and from the outside too during dreams and visions.


What is your best Valentine's dream? .....


Influence of Valentine's dreams and visions in children cannot be measured or demonstrably or even visible. Perhaps there is some outside influence because attention is paid to this at school, association, shops and that children then link this back to their own experience with love and / or boyfriends and girlfriends.

It is actually true; that the less that you are bothered by the outside influence ... The less likely it is that you also dream about such a subject or have a vision. Valentine's Day is also a very nice time to meet your twin soul, soul mate etc; you open yourself up to this more and more when it is Valentine's Day and in addition, this phenomenon is celebrated over a very large part of the world so you can unexpectedly feel the influence from your soul family that wants to make contact with you, etc.

During this period you can therefore also suffer from dreams and visions that do not belong to your own but to those of your best friends or girlfriends etc; this really depends on your own sensitivity and the way you see life or Valentine.  


Dreaming during Valentine's Day has a special meaning!

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