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Being human

Published on 2 February 2018 at 11:22

One of the newer trends in spiritland is living full life from love, see it through the eyes of love, love for yourself and love for your environment no matter what situation. Completely in balance with the universe and totally heart-centered. But why does it happen that I "I know many with me" regularly run into this.

I really catch myself sometimes really judging, judging and having opinions about people that I really shouldn't have. Am I suddenly no longer a spiritual heart-oriented mind and have I fallen from the 5th dimension or higher? ... Eh no, no, no dear you are no less spiritual, less connected to your higher mission - you are human and being human and being spiritual are two different assignments altogether. You cannot develop spiritually without being human; or you have to think about yourself every now and then.




You see it appearing everywhere, heart-centered thinking, no more ego - see it with love, see it through the eyes of love. Think of yourself as a love-full being.

And YES I have been doing this for years now; but it does not cover the whole load. You can think of it as a plaster on the wound, an inner suture that is just completely closed.




It is and remains a wound, a problem that really needs to be dealt with today or tomorrow. Anger, fear, sadness that really needs to get out. It is that colleague you really hate, that colleague does not suddenly become nice if you let love flow - or does it?

But is this the right way to face your "not nice" colleague; because the outcome of the situation will change. But the negative feeling doesn't change completely; but gives way to a little more compassion and the feeling of "Meet Me Have Way".



As a child my father taught me the following statement: Gentle Healers Make Smelly Wounds. I thought this was funny, it always made me laugh - I didn't know what it meant at the time. Now I totally get it because it's really true. You can still be so good at practicing being loving; but the soul wound keeps making its way up - until it bursts and then stinking wounds are a volcano that you cannot easily extinguish. 

Now I am not supposed to push the Loving Thinking theory off the table; no in fact I advise it to be done lovingly. Keep it up see it through the eyes of love, live from your heart, continue to envision lovingly, you deserve the best just like everyone else! You are here for a reason, you can do it, love, warmth and affection are the greatest healers of situations. But they really can't live without the inner demons, those people (yourself included) who challenge, hurt, and make us live.


Think of it as a balance of love, compassion, and being human with an ego that has prejudices. Without those prejudices you cannot grow, learn and be human. Without Heart Focused Thinking you cannot let yourself attract what you deserve. Approaching the world with love is balance between your inner demons and seeing yourself lovingly. "Or appreciate yourself completely"


Do you also have trouble with the balance between loving life and your ego? ...



I always advise myself on Meet Me Have Way; meet me in the middle, not Black not White but Gray. That ensures that I am sober, not floating and still able to develop spiritually. I learn as a person, my soul learns spiritually and I achieve great leaps as a result. By keeping the balance you can live in the 5th dimension or higher; you are on the right path in life and you are making great strides forward in all areas.

So go a step further with being a loving human being, see your demons, your black - gray qualities with love, warmth and fully embrace them because only in this way can you learn as soul and human being.



Here it is about you are Human, with an Ego that is how it should be - use your Ego lovingly! You need your ego to grow as a soul; those deepest lessons can only become clear if you allow it into your life. You don't have to hide it with a bandage that you have to heal it courageously and show it to yourself.


You can be jealous;

You can criticize yourself and others; Y

ou can make mistakes; 

You may not like that colleague;

Challenge your friends;

You don't always have to pray for other people, you can also ask something for yourself;

You can get to know yourself by not mirroring yourself for once;

Don't draw an oracle card for insight and support, but just look where the ship is stranded.



Because do you know what happens if you don't know everything about yourself? .............. You meet deeper layers at the right time. You get them from your worst enemy; of that ego-tripper, of that spiritual narcissist, etc.


Deeper insights you wouldn't get otherwise - those inner demons provide the unexpected. It is those ego pieces that make you shine and it is those ego pieces that are lovingly healed by the balance of being human with a loving ego.

See it through the eyes of love, love is the key to change but he must be in balance ego may occasionally speak, only then will you achieve your goals, wishes, your life assignments and higher dimensions etc. in a balanced way. -ego rays and know that you are spiritually completely balanced, your guides, helpers and supporters can let you grow faster as a person and as a soul. 



Enjoy lovingly visualizing, meditating, manifesting, heal it with love but do it in balance because after all you are human for a reason!

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