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Where past and future meet

Published on 16 January 2018 at 07:00

Front doors, barn doors, gates large and small, ... you have probably seen them in your dreams or visions. What has the door done and what will the door do? ... Often this dream or vision evokes a different message than the door or gate has to tell you. How can it be that doors, gates give us the feeling of resistance, stagnation, fear, sadness, letting go, etc ... Why does our ego shout no so loudly at the sight of a door or gate.

The dream message is so beautiful and calls you to take action, let go and close to a completely new world that you can fill in completely. Is it the stability, the trust that gives us a feeling of unease or is it the fear of the unknown that makes the doubt speak? Or maybe it is the unknown that you can fill in all by yourself. Imagine! ...... that nothing has been arranged at the back of the door and that you can decide for yourself what then? ..... What would you do ?, go back or the take on a challenge with all its consequences.



Nobody knows; nobody here has insight into only you; but one thing is for sure the doors that appear to you are there for a reason!

You are now ready to conclude a period in your life; so that you can attract a new phase.

You are now ready to take on a new challenge; whatever this may be and how it may proceed remains a surprise.




The question, however, is do you wait until the door opens automatically or until you have found the key - or let yourself be surprised and take a step towards your new dream world. Besides facing the unknown challenge, which can evoke fearful feelings, the door and gate also bring us something else, it gives the opportunity for inner growth and development outside the beaten track.


When you have passed through the door or gate you cannot go back - is that the fear - no longer holding the doorknob with your hand! ... or is that precisely the positive tension of the challenge of life. Going back through the door or gate is difficult; of course it is possible, but you can fill in yourself if it is advisable. Many unfinished dreams, wishes, visions do not come true or remain unfulfilled through withdrawal. 

Perhaps you can imagine how often did you quickly run back to that safe door at the first corner or bump? .... tell yourself honestly once or several times.




The door brings you the realization that there is more than your current situation and that you can co-write the life script. You can, as it were, just squat over the threshold and co-create with the universe, brainstorm and create visibility. The door or gate therefore evokes a deep personal feeling in you.

You can imagine that an old, worn-out door that squeaks and creaks gives a completely different signal; a feeling evokes than a shiny new door that closes on its own. The environment is also very important - a front door has a different meaning than a gate to a cemetery.

But one thing can always be explained, doors and gates guide you to a new phase - this phase has not yet passed you and you will not be able to see and hear anything until you actually take the step to enter the new phase. .


The door or Gate represents the past, the present and the future.

When are you going to show yourself to the world because the moment you step through the door, you are not only stepping into a new phase in your own world; no you also let your environment enjoy this and show your new self. This new self may be shown, and may shine. No more boundaries, no more looking back. It is no longer possible to quickly hold the door handle with your hand; you no longer have any restrictions. There are only possibilities and opportunities that you can fill in for yourself.


No matter how hard it is to close an old door, with every goodbye a door opens to a new beginning.




In addition to a dream or vision statement, doors and gates also have a great spiritual meaning that you can experience in a deeper way. The connection with other dimensions; spiritual growth, transformation, the afterlife, the soul gates, twin soul connections, the gate of your heart and your life chambers and so on.

The door is a great signal of change, letting go and transformation in any form. It doesn't matter what you are connected to - the door is the first step to something else, closing the old and starting to write the unknown page of your life book. The door is a good friend who unexpectedly arrives at your doorstep and tells you you are going on vacation - all you have to do is spread your wings and have confidence that you will find a good landing place yourself


Do you sometimes dream about a door or gate? ......

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