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Red Thread Dream

Published on 5 January 2018 at 17:00

You probably know it, you have been dreaming for several days in a row, you dream about one subject more often, but the dreams still feel different, or it ends differently. Is it a signal, is it the common dream thread that speaks here or is it a coincidence? ...

I always say coincidence does not exist (but this is my opinion) maybe you think differently, but for me it is a clear signal that your subconscious wants to tell you something. Let you know this through recurring dreams and thereby leave as a red thread a signal pattern that you can follow to get behind your deepest soul messages.


Maybe you recognize yourself in the following story or you understand how it actually works!

Because not everything is a Red Thread Dream.



At the beginning of the week you might have dreamed of your house, the day before yesterday of the barn and yesterday of the garage and last night it was a hotel again. The question you might ask is, is there a connection in this, Yes, the common thread in this case is the heart that speaks to you. The heart is thus represented by the house, the shed and also the garage, so you can speak of a common thread dream.

However, a red wire dream (signal dreams) cannot immediately be clearly confirmed. Only after dreaming about the same subject 3/5 times can you really speak of a sustained energy, message and signal. So only after several dreams can you really be aware of the fact that there is a common thread in this. In addition, the common thread dreams must also fall several times in a short period and then you can think of a month in which you have had a similar dream at least twice a week.

If you once dreamed about a house this week and once about a shed four weeks ago - then you do not speak of a common thread dream. But of a recurring energy or life lesson that you can tackle. Provided this is picked up again at a later time, of course, there may still be a recurring dream message or signal dream. But there are always exceptions to the rule.


In addition, a common thread dream can also be recognized by the continuous messages - and then you can think of starting to dream where you stopped the previous night. Or being present at the same location again, with the same people or environment, noise, but be careful if this occurs regularly in a shorter period.

It is possible that a Red Thread Dream always guides you to a previous life or a situation in which you keep encountering in your life (recurring Circle or Cycle). Then the thread is not always clear to find; but only clear over a longer period of years or when the circle or cycle is broken - as if you can suddenly put the puzzle together and then you consciously see the common thread of the whole. The common thread dreaming is not only dreaming the same or similar topics.

No it also depends on the energy that corresponds. Experiencing the same feeling during your daydreams, dreams, visions also tells you a common thread! ... this is therefore very important to find out where the common thread is and which signal you can pick up and with which you can work can go into your life.



Have you ever had a common dream or a series of dreams, daydreams, visions in which you experienced the same energy?



The common thread or signal dreams are very common, but often we are not aware of it; in fact, we don't see it because the dream is different every time. Only when you start writing it down and / or consciously start working with it will you see the connection. Finding the common thread is a challenge, a kind of investment in finding yourself and the underlying messages. It is the search for the leads and corresponding signals.


The nice thing is that explaining dreams or visions also has a connection with finding the common thread. Finding the common thread is also something the specialist, psychologist uses in his or her methods. As humans we are often looking for the Red Thread in everything - we have to be able to hold it, understand it, be able to connect it and then it is logical or explainable.

Similarly, the Red Thread Dreams are common; the universe, your guides, gods, god, your subconscious, goddesses and / or whatever you are connected to send you signals and support through your dreams, daydreams and visions time and again with the aim that you will find the common thread. 


So pay attention to your dreams and find the Red Thread because then you might find the answers you are looking for.

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