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Vision Board

Published on 4 January 2018 at 07:00

You know it, you make big plans, good intentions every year! ... but somehow you just don't get around to it. Maybe you will start, but somehow it does not get off the ground, it does not go fast enough and your dreams, wishes, goals put on the "I'll start tomorrow" shelf.

You may even forget it unconsciously; but when you take the time to think about the past year, your good intentions, wishes and dreams, it usually comes to the surface.

The problem is that unrealized or unattainable wishes, dreams often end up on the even longer track and you never look here again. While your soul speaks and calls; that the signals are so clear that this is your path for this year of life or for this situation. Every dream, wish, goal is achievable, just be convinced of that.



Anything your mind's eye can see (anything you can dream); is theoretically feasible.

But why is it that we often fail, no more than we do!


However, there is one big stumbling block and it is called. Action, action, action and take. You can also see it as waiting at the train station without knowing whether a train is coming, let alone buying a ticket! ...... Or it is unrealistic and not feasible, But yes, without dreams, life is also so boring, isn't it? It gives us the sense of hope, possibilities, miracles, opportunities - the sense of meaning we often look for.

Also manifesting and visualizing the trendy theory does not always seem to be watertight; in fact, it does not necessarily ensure the achievement of results. Of course there are many examples of success stories in which praying, asking for help from the angels, etc. also really support the realization of dreams, wishes I have also made a lot of use of the trendy theory of manifesting and visualizing and still do this. By making extensive use of this, time taught me that it is a combination of -

An action, manifesting and visualizing, daydreaming, letting go, conviction, etc. Only this combination causes change in my life, it is the combination of seeing, believing , feel and do business!



As a sensitive person, I am of course very visual and that is why a Visionboard is also a great method for me to keep focusing on my dreams and wishes. I am constantly reminded of what I want, where I am allowed to go on my life path. I feel the energy contained in the images, the atmosphere and the words speak to me daily. As a result, success and also making my dreams, wishes, desires realistic.

Since December 2012 I have been making a vision board for myself every year, every year I take the time to make a visual plan! This Visual Plan is the start of a New Year; it is the start of an Action, Project and Success Planner which will largely come true.

Every year I take the time to use images, beautiful words, to create an energy that I can work with throughout the year; but it is the combination of actually getting started that ensures that I achieve it. Every year my Visionboard is completely different, it really is never the same - one year they are bright colors and the next year for subdued colors or more texts.



Sometimes plans are not feasible because it is simply not the right time and / or that you discover that your talents are at a different level or that you have to improve things. But that is living and finding out what suits you - "Sometimes" and that was the case with me last year - my goals were to be achieved on a spiritual level but not as a working person.

Last year 2017 I achieved almost all of my goals, only on a spiritual level and as humans we often forget - dreams and wishes can come true on many levels and that does not always have to be tangible.

Cherish the lessons of life that are deeper than tangible because it is precisely this spiritual growth and development that provides miracles and surprises for the following year. By that I do not mean that none of my dreams and wishes have come true on a tangible level. Of course, but in lesser sizes and therefore only became bigger.



Start with a Visionboard and make your plans visible, tangible and energizing!



Because that is what a Visionboard does, it gives energy a purpose, a visible possibility that you plant in your own universe, as it were. They are the first seeds that you give your attention so that you can actually harvest them later. Via the Visionboard you tell your guides, helpers, supporters and yourself I want this for this year.

You write your own book, as it were; and tells through images what it will be. In addition, your Visionboard also supports your dreams and visions connection + Explain what your soul wants to tell you. Your subconscious communicates through images, energy and so these come through the places chosen by yourself to become aware of the fact "this is what I can learn, this is my life goal, I am on the right path, etc.".




What do you have to do to make a Visionboard.


Magazines, images or texts that appeal to you A large cardboard, pin board -

I have been using a wooden board for years, which I refurbish every year

Glue, pegs, skewers anything that attaches the images A place to put it down, hang it etc ... a place where you come every day !.

Make it stand out, look at it every day!

But the most important thing is that you do not simply choose places or texts - no choose with your soul, choose that which suits you and / or says something about you.

Feel good, listen to your intuition, your heart etc and surprise yourself


You have finished your Visionboard then get started with manifesting and visualizing, action, project and success planner. so that this year you can really make a part of your dreams, desires, wishes come true and make them tangible.



Good luck with creating and creating your Visionboard.

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