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New dream opportunities

Published on 2 January 2018 at 08:00

The new year has only just begun and you may have noticed the intense dreams and visions and daydreams of the past few days are diminishing; if this hasn't happened yet, don't worry - because it's really going to come! ... the intensive time passes. Fortunately, the reduction of an intensive period happens for a reason and that is to make room for new life lessons and the processing of new experiences.


The insights, the puzzle pieces have fallen into place or are about to fall into place and your head, your body, your soul gets it ... all you have to do now is start writing a new chapter that's called 2018 Recently you have worked very hard to close off your old feelings, your life in 2017 and the life lessons you have been able to experience in this.


The first two to three weeks of January we are in a transition phase. A phase in which we still process the old and prepare for the new year - and you can feel and experience that during dreams, daydreams and visions.


As time goes by this will get less and less until you may start to ask yourself - when was the last time I actually dreamed?



You feel less dreaming in the coming period, you are less tired and you also have less need to find an explanation for your dreams, daydreams, visualisations, meditations, visions. You have the physical feeling that you are more rested than before; but that is really only because one thing cleared your head and made way for a whole new year of life.


This status is actually the right status that you should experience all year round by regularly taking the time to put the puzzle pieces in your life in one place. Take the time to create peace and space in your home, your heart, your mind, your life. It's me time in lassen, I've already written this in several blogs!

So you don't have to worry about the fact that in the coming period you will feel less dreaming, daydreaming, having visions because that is right! It's more than usual; it is part of it and after cleaning up the new life lessons and your new interpretation of the year 2018 will come. As soon as you clarify your plans, your dreams etc. will increase again.


Make room for your new plans, a new year, a new book.


A new chapter, but don't forget to turn the old pages; do not keep turning back through the book. Close and only turn back when you are really ready. Live and enjoy the new dream year! As a hypersensitive, dreaming still seems to have more implications than other adults and children.

That has an underlying experience. Hypersensitive people want to know the deep (spiritual) meaning more often.



Looking for signals and help, support from the afterlife may seem diminished, but in reality this is of course not the case. In fact, you still dream just as much but you have cleared up the period before this and therefore just have more space in your head, your life. You can write the new life drive yourself!


Will you take your dream opportunities like me this year? ...... or will you leave them for what it is.


Also take the time to look back on your dreams and visions diary - turn the pages and read through everything. What did I dream, learn etc ... in 2017 ... what have I not yet discovered and explained and which lessons are now very clear to me !.

New round with new dream opportunities - more insight into who you really are and what your subconscious can learn. Start this year with a dream diary and get to know a lot about yourself.



Have you already made dream plans for 2018? .....

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