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Survive dreams

Published on 1 January 2018 at 12:00

The spiritual world has changed my life - I have gone from survival to life. Yes, now that I have a very deep magical connection with my guides I live purely from my self! “I live and enjoy every moment”. Every day I enjoy the special magic and guidance of my guides - every day I get to carry out my life's mission and I am happier than ever. Previously I was surviving, yes I learned a lot, I had my own practice as a dream expert, spiritual coach - but still I did not live from my source.

If someone asked me how I was doing, I said “I'm fine”, and yes it went well, only I didn't know that “I'm fine”, is also just a survival answer…. It is an automatic response to the automatic question “How are you? ... Good! What you actually mean is it went the same as yesterday and last year ...


It is going as it always is!


Until one day I asked my guides “What can I do today”, and I got the answer .. be happy !. Be happy, what do you mean? .... I thought out loud. I am happy after all, I work with you, with the elemental beings and the gods, goddesses, angels etc together.


I put the assignment aside and left it for what it was. And I have continued on my chosen path; the road I've been walking for years. Yet there was something about this message / assignment that caught my attention As I always do, I meditate and make sure I can put all the puzzle pieces together… looking in the deepest detail for the answers behind the hidden curtains. At first the answer was not forthcoming, and it gave way to a completely different thought and vision.

I came to the connection with my father, my father has a special great gift for persevering and continuing and always manages to close the old. But somehow it also has to do with me, after my mother passed away when I was 15 years old, my father told me that now there was only one option to “continue” and not look back. When I had to sell my flower shop at the age of 25 - my father gave me the same advice “Continue”, and don't look back… and that's how I did it.


Working hard and building a new future, looking deep into yourself and finding spiritual answers were my daily activities. If I wanted to start something new again, I always got the advice from people around me, no you should not do that! So I just didn't and / or I tried for a while and then everything fell apart because I just didn't have the strength to make the transformation.

My own practice Dreams and Visions from 2012 is also an example of this. The large amount of paying customer flow did not materialize ....... 

How come this was my question? ...


I visualized and manifested every day and dreams and wishes no less. So I started working harder and doing my best even better. As a result, few customers and little money; no victory over everything from the past. How is this possible, I have the knowledge, the experience and yet it doesn't work.

Now in 2017 I understood like a bolt from the blue what my guides wanted to say to me- Be happy and Live-. When was the last time I was really deeply happy was the question I asked myself and the answer to this was the breakthrough on all setbacks.

The last time I was rashly happy was just before my dad told me that after selling my Shop, I should go ahead and look back! I've been in survival mode all these years, I've thought I was doing well (thought I was alive). That if I looked for deep spiritual answers that everything would flow and would continue to flow. But nothing could be further from the truth - you can spend years in survival mode without being aware of it.




For example Ask yourself !.


When was the last time I really laughed, etc.

When was the last time I was truly happy?

When was the last time I was playful as a child?

When was the last time I was carefree?

When did I not worry about money and other earthly things?

And if you can NOT answer this with early this morning, tonight or last night etc then you are NOT in the "I live mode".

In fact, if you say a year ago or five years ago, you are really in the “I survive mode”.

And then you can grow and develop but not allow yourself to receive - to live.



Examples of survival mode are


Not being able or willing to stop working;

Don't stop trying and find a solution;

Don't stop studying;

Doing excessive soul searching;

Easy outside influence;

Thinking that it will never work out again;

Withdrawing yourself from social activities;

Automatically respond; automatic planning and daily schedule;



Not having a balance between give and take;

Spiritual dependence;

Being too busy and trying to keep trying;

No more or less laughter and enjoyment;

Do not undertake rash things;

I don't deserve thoughts playing up often;

Excessive, spasmodic retention of money and income;

Hold on to that which was;

Cherish memories of the past and relive them regularly.

Now I knew what was wrong all those years!

There was nothing wrong with me, nothing wrong with my vision and / or with my life mission! ..

I was in survival mode and that prevented me from receiving - my messages weren't heard, and customers weren't automatically knocking on doors. Customers feel your energy and therefore also feel that you are surviving and not enjoying life.



The more sensitive you are, the more likely you are to be in the "I survive mode" and not the "I live mode!" Smile from your source, smile from your heart and your belly and let this shine so that everyone including yourself can feel and experience this. Live from your belly and your heart without thinking back to… everything used to be better ..

It does not apply if you really want to live and enjoy. So do something strange, something spontaneous, do something fun at a deep level of childishness… stop learning and studying and especially with soul research because that also ensures that you remain in survival mode.



Leave your soul exploration, life lessons and learning to study to moments when you really live from your Source and your heart!



The law of attraction works both ways - when you live you attract abundance and possibilities. If you survive, you do not attract opportunities because you are not prepared for this, for example you keep attracting trying. I now get up every day with a smile on my face and I think what will I do today in collaboration with my guides.

“My heart radiates love for myself again” and that affects all people around me including myself. Enjoy life and have fun- get out I'm surviving and gonna live !. Because now you have the chance to make something beautiful out of it and to recognize the blessings that give you recognition of yourself and your environment and / or your customers etc.

My guides, the elemental beings, gods and goddesses, angels have given me the right tools to live and I enjoy this every day !. 

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