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Past life dreams

Published on 16 December 2017 at 08:00

Your subconscious (Soul) has a lot to tell you, not only the life lessons of this life are part of your life, the knowledge, wisdom, experiences from past lives affect your life lessons and soul assignment. The way you respond is also linked to the life experiences you have ever had.

Your soul speaks to you through your dreams, daydreams and visions so that you can process this, make use of all the knowledge and wisdom you still have - but are no longer aware of it because you are again in this life started.

They are the soul lessons, soul experiences that you need to achieve your goals and wishes in this life, to definitively close unhealthy patterns and / or karma, to grow spiritually etc.



When you sleep, your mind is open to communicate with your soul "your subconscious is speaking", and is translated through dreams into the language you can understand. The language that you can translate into words, the pictures are converted into awareness of the fact that there is more hidden behind the message. This way of working also applies to daydreaming and receiving visions; as you meditate, visualize, manifest you are in a state of consciousness that allows the soul to communicate with you on a deeper level.


There are a number of things you should know to understand how the past life works.


Your soul remains the same in all lives, the intention (the soul assignment) remains the same, only the physical shell changes. You only look at the life lessons from a different body, country, culture, profession and / or status.



You will also go through many and / or you have gone through many; to come to the knowledge you have now. Then you don't have to think about going from vagrant, farmer, landlord to king. No, all lives are (generally) mixed up; so you can start as well as queen, celebrity and then choose to become an artist, princess, witch and peasant, ......

Your knowledge and life experience does not diminish, the physical shell only changes - and it is precisely this physical shell that you need to live as a human being on this earth.



Some people have had 1 previous life; while other people have experienced 8 or 9 past lives. This is something that has not been established, you as a soul determine what, how and when you want to live and which lessons you may learn. So it may be that you have already experienced 5 lives; but it can also be many more, the intensity also determines how many lives there are still to come to achieve your life goal. Some people live 1 life for 2 lives while other souls choose short life lessons spread over many lives.



The energy of the planet determines your awakening energy (vibration). This vibration also determines the possible approach from your soul group that incarnates at that moment. You as a soul determine your parents, friends and soul assignment.

It has been established that a soul needs a rest period after death of about 5 years, but it also happens that as a soul you wait 1000 years for a next life and sometimes even centuries.

When you die your mind goes to the hereafter and / or that in which you believe; this may fill in yourself - before the mind stops life -. The soul does not stop, so after death it goes to the soul group where a new life is awaited. For the sake of clarity, the mind learns new knowledge from birth (mind is something completely new) and after a beautiful and wonderful life - no matter how it went - this life ends and then the lessons and experiences stop.


The mind also has no connection with your previous life because the mind does not recognize this, or even has feelings for it. It is the soul that recognizes it, the soul has the feelings that are given to the mind that learns from it and stores it in your memory.



A medium, psychic, etc. never communicates with the soul but with the spirit that is believed in the hereafter and / or in which you believe. It is also the mind that is emotionally attached to your family members and loved ones. The soul is further away from this and recognizes this but in a completely different way - rather platonic than deep and intense.


During your dreams, visions, daydreams your soul speaks to you - it is your soul that wants to show you these life experiences, so that you can use the knowledge you have already learned in this life. It is the feeling of Deja vu that you know or remember something, but you cannot directly place where it comes from. These are often the memories of a previous life - a memory of hey I have already experienced this once; your soul speaks here, which wants to make something clear to you about paying attention ... or you are on the right path etc.



It is also often the first drawings that you made as a child that no one knew how you got them that are the first signals of a speaking soul. Sensitive to vibrations and hypersensitivity are also signals that indicate a past life. Desires for a country or culture, the feeling of coming home when you are on a long journey. You can also think of certain preferences of smells, music, food that no one in your family shares with you.



There are many more examples that you can experience when there is a past life, but this blog is about the combination between the previous life in your dreams, daydreams and visions.



The nice thing about past life dreams, visions is that you can experience them at any time of the day, night. By means of a reminder, (vibration) you are awakened as it were, put on the block by yourself. These are the moments when you can discuss (say) something of which you do not know how to get the knowledge and / or wisdom, but you just know.


The less fun part is that it can be so intense that you feel like you are passing out or feeling unwell, staring in front of you or being of the conscious world. But usually a previous life signal and / or referral returns several times in a row or during certain moments. The recurring dreams, visions, experiences are the key to past life knowledge and awareness of the fact that there is more to the message than just coincidence.



Write down these dreams, visions, signals immediately so that you can find a common thread in them. Through this thread you can explain and place it in your life or situation.

It can be experienced as a whole puzzle and a personal search to be able to place everything, "which can also be very emotional".



But when you give your soul the freedom to share the knowledge of past lives with you, a special spiritual opportunity for growth and development opens up to you. The deeper you connect yourself with your soul, the more you learn from yourself and your past lives, can resolve karma etc ..... You learn more and more to discover yourself, to really fathom yourself and to find your soul assignments and life purpose, .. .. you can actually start living for several life-spiritually reaching a higher goal; allow what comes your way and be surprised.



Anyone can, .... open yourself and let your soul speak and discover who you were, who you are and who you can be.


If you are not currently having visions or receiving signals from your soul and / or you do not have this feeling - do not try to force it, it will come as it comes; it can also come at a later age and / or sometimes never at all because it is simply not necessary in this life; then you have other talents that are more important at the moment. That does not mean that keeping your dreams, daydreams so that you can put the life puzzle pieces in place is not important for your growth and development as a soul.



Children are much more open than adults and therefore they are more deeply connected to the soul and the lessons from past lives.

The older you get, the stiffer you are in communicating with your soul and wanting to open it spiritually until you reach an age and that is usually after the transition that you start looking for the inner life lessons and communication with your depth.


Want to know more about past life dreams? ..

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