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Pure visibility

Published on 15 December 2017 at 14:35

You probably know dreams or visions in which you see yourself, purely as you are. Confronting without clothes, "you naked me" - just as you are supposed to be. Often these dreams evoke a completely different feeling than the actual message behind them. How can it be that we have our naked "I dream"; so difficult to see. We find it difficult to understand and / or to accept this dream I.


The dream message is so beautiful and calls you to action and to become aware of the fact that you are allowed to be there.


The naked truth is not always fun and its purpose is; to look deeper into everything around you including yourself. But that does not mean that we are only too happy to walk away, forget the dream as soon as possible and / or get dressed in the dream quickly.



It is precisely that naked self that has a message for you that reflects and brings your inner growth. Your soul confronts you with your ego, with your life assignment, your soul assignment, your negative qualities, your family history, karma, past lives etc.


In addition to the challenge, your pure visibility also tells your blind spot - that which you do not see and that which is visible to the outside world. That blind spot that you should see and / or discover. It is often the blind spots, the obstacles, trauma, the pitfalls that can take us further than any other life lesson. You do recognize those points in life that are difficult but can ultimately achieve great leaps. The naked "I dream" sometimes has an erotic connotation that you would like to keep a secret; and / or perhaps would like to show it to the world but not dare.



In addition, the naked self is also an awareness of the fact that there is nothing to hide from yourself, it is you; this is like it is nothing else ....... But what are you going to do with it? ......


When will you show yourself to the world, and confront yourself with things that don't always go the way you dreamed them to or that if you show yourself to the world, puzzle pieces will fall into place and your problems will disappear like snow in the sun. No limits, no limitations, only possibilities and opportunities, purely free and you really feel free when you dream.

It is that naked purity that represents the inner child and soul; that spiritually growing self that can only be shown if you yourself allow it. The repressed I always shines through your skin, your house, your shell and your soft side are expressed when you see yourself naked. Everything in the dream world takes place around your body, you are the center of your life and / whether it is positive or negative does not matter, it is about your vision, your own way and how you fill it in and / or which lessons you can learn, you can determine yourself.


So you are not asked to withdraw, but to show yourself! about your inner issues.

To look at inner obstacles with both eyes and to allow them to develop however big your fears are - you always keep one thing, your pure and true me…. 


Freedom and let energy flow - fly out and then it doesn't matter if you know where you are going you know there is always a place where you can settle down without being anxious or nervous about it. You are always at home in your own heart - Home is Where the heart is. You cannot lose the "naked me" and is with you forever.

Your soul only asks you to trust and jump into the visibility deep. It doesn't matter what other people think of you, what their opinion is; even if you feel yourself for sale or they look at you with a jealous look straight at your back and show that pure, pure me that is stronger than you think.

One thing is certain, your naked self is always pure and visible as it should be - there is nothing more to hide, nothing to protect - just pure and honestly visible to yourself and your surroundings. 


Do you ever dream about being naked? ..

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