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Daydreams and co

Published on 13 December 2017 at 12:03

Daydreaming is often underestimated "Daydreaming is for children" and in some cases confused with meditation, visualization. But daydreaming is a conscious part of the whole which gives you a deeper insight into your soul and life purpose etc.

And yes, daydreaming is not sleeping, or a vision; it is a form of speaking with your soul. It is taking the time to listen to what your subconscious has to tell you.

And No it is not meditation; during a meditation you let yourself be guided for what comes your way. Daydreaming involves a bit of manifesting and visualizing, as it were, you tell your subconscious which path you want to take in life..



You learn to speak with your soul, communicate with yourself and your deepest desires.



Daydreaming is an important part; it gives you more insight into yourself and your deepest wishes and desires. It also gives you insight into yourself and why you have certain dreams, ..... you can find out by daydreaming why you react to certain situations, why you always dream about ......... 


Why you make choices in life - what your soul wants to tell you and which path you can take in life. Daydreaming is not only good for forming a deepening soul connection, but daydreaming also ensures a positive change in your thoughts, life and situations in which you find yourself. In addition, daydreaming helps you connect with the universe, your guides and supporters etc, ... if you let them know what is on your mind then they can help you with this - "manifest and visualize".

So take the time regularly to enjoy daydreaming, to tune in to your soul and your subconscious. This gives you a deepening connection with yourself, your soul assignment, your past lives, the family karma or the recurring desires that you really should not miss in life.


Write all your daydreams, manifestations, visualizations and wishes in your daydream book so that you can put them next to your dream diary ....... Look up similar or matching dreams, visions and feelings in your own notes !. It is the combination of all forms of a deeper consciousness that ensure that the soul picture becomes completely transparent.

You can partially explain or translate daydreams, manifestations and visualisations into your own feelings and words. By listening to your body, your heart, your emotions.



Ask yourself!


How do I respond? .....

What happened while daydreaming? ......

What am I experiencing now? .....

What do I get from my guides, the hereafter, universe etc? ....


Use the dream statements as a supplement to possibly place it in your life or use it as a supplement towards support and asking for help if you need it. 

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