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Top 20 Dreams

Published on 5 December 2017 at 07:40

We all dream differently - our dreams are unique! Yet there is a similarity to discovering certain dreams that all people dream about with some regularity. It may be that the emotional content is different, or that the content is experienced differently, ... but the message, the explanation is clearly similar.


This all has to do with the life lessons that we are all allowed to learn. Corresponding life lessons in our lives, however, are all experienced in our own way, in their own time frame. But this ensures that there is a dream top 20; of which you will say "Yes, I often dream about that too", ..... 


Yet another reason is that, there may be social influence such as quarrels, conflicts, war and / or economic problems, etc. The moment something is going on in society, people dream about this subject en masse. The energy of this topic is a common thread for your dreams that you share with all people.

However, we can also conclude that dreaming is linked to your age; and then you can think of an adolescent who dreams about school and studying, fear of failure. An adult who has a longer working history no longer dreams about this at all. But then almost all of us dream the top 20 at least once in our lives. 

Dreams top 20



1 Fall

2 Naked, pooping and peeing

3 Bad Teeth, No Teeth, Loss of Teeth;

4 Chase, be chased;

5 being sick, unhealthy;

6 Dying, death;

7 Failure / fear of failure in a test or assignment;

8 Being late, missing something;

9 To be lost, to be lost;

10 Being in prison, in prison;

11 Broken items;

12 Paralysis and Lifelessness;

13 Car, Bus, Train;

14 House, Building;

15 Bergen, Klif and Dalen;

16 Animals;

17 Family members;

18 Work, School or social places;

19 Making love and making love;

20 Water, Swimming, Bath and Bathroom.




What does your top list look like? .....


Most dreams in the top 20 list have one thing in common, they reflect yourself, your personal feelings and emotions that you can let go and process. You project yourself onto the dreams and your Brain processes this in your head so that space is created for something new in your life.

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