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Supermoon dreams

Published on 29 November 2017 at 09:41

Not only do you sleep less during a full moon, you also dream much more intensively, predictively and concluding. But during one super moon this is twice as intense. Especially if you are hypersensitive, new age child, HSP, moon sensitive and so on.


As it were, the super full moon is the cradle for the new period that is coming that sometimes sends quite intense energy to you. If you sleep, meditate, visualize and so on, you can be very bothered by this. You can think of sleeplessness, headaches, migraines, too much energy and even too intensive dreams and visions. In addition, it also deeply affects your connections with your soul mates.



What is so special about the super moon or super full moon?


A super moon occurs when the moon is closer to Earth than in the other months. At those times, a full moon can appear 14 percent larger in the sky and 30 percent brighter to our eyes than at minimum size and brightness. The visual impact is beautiful and not to forget (spiritual) impact is unique to experience!


There is a full moon every month. This month it is not just a full moon, but also a super moon. A supermoon occurs when the moon is closer to Earth than in the other months. This month therefore gives extra energy and brings you even closer to yourself than during a full man


The super full moon connects you deeply with your finalizing self, your source, your base, your heart and so on. It is the first step towards something new, because you are now definitely leaving the old behind.

Full Super Moon Dream Exercise


Step 1

Sit comfortably, relaxed upright. Not too tight, not too loose. Eyes closed or slightly opened. Take a few deep breaths in and out slowly. This will automatically relax you more deeply. Your attention remains clear and alert. Focus on the natural rhythm of your breath, your heart and the full super moon. When you find yourself distracted, let go of the distraction and return your attention to the breath in the here and now.





Step 2 

Keep a close eye on your breathing, your heart rhythm, stay in this relaxed state as ground appears before your earth. Picture it before you touch it, feel the ground, the earth slip through your fingertips, feel it touch your skin, put your hand in the ground and leave a mark. Feel the connection you have with the earth and let your handprint flow while you let everything (the old) flow into the earth, as it were! Look at it lovingly and let it go, give it away, you don't have to carry it anymore - let it find its own way. See it (old, unhealthy) flow into the ground and heal your handprint as you connect to the full moon.





 Step 3

Take this status of your grounding status to bed with you. Lie on your bed and relax and maintain connected full super moon status. Let it all go and remember your relaxed state of dreams that let everything flow. It is quite possible that your full moon dream will be fully experienced from your source, your base and from your earthly loving life.




Step 4

Sleep well and let go of everything, live from your full moon grounding source, your base. It is safe to be who you are and who you were and where you want to go in life. Let it flow and develop as you pause, be kind to yourself and while you sleep, meditate, visualize and so on.




Step 5

Sleep tight, Sleep is the best meditation there is .... Let everything heal, clear up, heal lovingly unwind while you sleep.




Step 6

When you wake up, write everything down in your dream diary. A dream diary or sleeping diary!

The next step is also the most important step for connecting to the full moon energy. Write it down in a dream journal. Write down your first feeling, thought, what you let go, how do I feel now and so on. If you do this every night and morning then you know for sure that you can let go and process your full moon dream energy. Often there is a common thread, recognition of a pattern or experience that repeats itself and so on. 

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