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New time words dream

Published on 24 November 2017 at 10:00

Much has changed in recent years when it comes to word choice; and as a result, our dream statement and dream word choices have also changed. Then you have to think of "Send me a text message to send me a WhatsApp". The dream or vision message has not changed, but we call it differently.

There are of course more examples that have changed or received added value in recent years. An example of this are of course the additional characters # @, not to mention the smileys that we send with each app to replace words - but in the dream and vision world these characters do have a meaning.

We Western people still attach the same value to the new words as with the old words, but to make it easy to explain, here is a list of socially changing words .......




You can compare a letter with an E-mail or WhatsApp

A dream or vision in which you receive a letter brings you a new opportunity or challenge, which can give your life a special turn. A letter can also represent a message from your subconscious; problems that you do not want to, or have not been able to talk about until now, are made aware of. The content of the letter can give you advice about a particular situation in your life that needs attention.



You can now compare television with watching TV online on your Tablet, iPad, etc.

If you dream that you are watching TV in your dream or vision, this tells you about the need to get a good picture of situations, problems, emotions, feelings, obstacles and life questions. Another important explanation is that television stands for communication between people, but also how you come across to others.

The television also tells you about self-reflection, assessing yourself, viewing, assessing and especially revising. Yet another explanation is the reflection of your brain, your mind and the thoughts you have. It indicates how you get your ideas and how you can express them. Another explanation is luxury, poverty overcoming the inner problems that have to be overcome because they are out of balance, causing the mind and soul not to work well together.

An important explanation for TV is also the reflection, impression or reflection of what you have watched on TV, as if you were reliving it and acknowledging yourself in it; it does not always have something to do with dreams and vision explanations. 

You can now compare the telephone with your SmartPhone and mobile phone


When you see or hear a telephone in your dream or vision, it tells you that you are receiving a message from your subconscious. Another explanation is that it is a form of telepathic communication that you can experience with a person in your life. Yet another explanation is that the telephone represents your relationship with others and how you communicate with them and what you would like to tell them. Communication is very important in your life, especially in dreams or visions over the phone. An alternative explanation is that you are faced with issues you have been trying to avoid and cover up




Payment, checkout can now also be seen as online and contactless payment


Dreams or visions about paying or paying tell you something about the price you have to pay to realize or pay off your goals, wishes and decisions and to return the accumulated credit. Paying or settling also involves the balance between give and take; the question is therefore whether you have given as much from other people as you have received. If the price you have to pay or settle is disappointing in your dream or vision, it tells you that you have the feeling that you have to work very hard to achieve your goal and maybe just or just not achieve it.

Another explanation is that your financial situation may not be so rosy, or you simply expect too much from yourself; but the question is of course what are you satisfied with. So the higher the amount or price, the harder you have to work to achieve this goal, wish, idea. Dreaming about a good or positive price to pay tells you about achieving your goals, desires, seeing opportunities and overcoming problems reasonably and easily. The required time, knowledge, wisdom, money, possibilities and ideas were in the right place and you will soon reap the benefits. 





Social media, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram


Dreams or visions about social media tell you about a new opportunity or challenge in your life that can take a special turn. Another explanation is that you get a message from your subconscious mind to talk about the problems that you may have been holding before you for a long time. Another explanation is the possibility to communicate with people you may have lost sight of, or with whom you really want to communicate. An alternative explanation is that your social skills leave something to be desired; fear of commitment, expressing emotions and confrontation are also part of it.





But new words have also emerged that we have not used until now, so you have to think of the special signs such as # and @. This can also influence your dream or vision. The Smiley is also an example that we use everywhere nowadays, .... Smileys represent words.





Dreams and Visions in which you use or see a # tells you that you are looking for information, answers through both closed and open communication. It can also mean finding like-minded people through social media. In addition, the # stands for the new beginning, the possibility to make something public without immediately taking action. Another explanation is that it is used # in dreams and visions as a collection of many personal experiences and things in your life that you are allowed to process. A #is a sign that his dream and vision also has origins in wisdom, mathematics, knowledge, study.






Dreams and Visions in which you use or see an @ tells you that you want to make contact with a person or subject that is important to you at the moment. You address yourself or the situation so that you can become aware of the fact that you want or need to do something. @ to myself I address this information. Another explanation is that you are investigating who you are and where you want to go with your life. In addition, the @ sign is also connected to email and sending messages, so this contains the new opportunities and challenges that are coming.







Each Smiley represents an emotion and feeling that you want to express in your dream or vision. It is therefore personal to fill in what it means, but the most important explanation is that you have to look carefully at what emotion the smiley shows in your dream or vision. So listen carefully to your feelings when explaining the dream or vision. This contains an important message that makes you aware of the fact that it can be both positive and negative.

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