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Start » Dreams and Sleep » Old, junk dreams

Old, junk dreams

Published on 3 January 2019 at 16:12

Dreams and visions with an old and perhaps a dull, dusty, messy feel are common. The nice thing is they always leave a feeling of I need to investigate. A hidden message that I have to resolve behind. We are fully awake after these kinds of dreams or visions and want to find the answer; we often develop a kind of Sherlock Homes.


What's behind this weird, dull, scary dream or vision? ... ...


We often find it scary and exciting at the same time. The nice thing about these dreams and visions is that they represent a reflection of how you feel yourself right now.




The question, however, is? ...…. How is your head right now? .....


Maybe you have a chaotic character at the moment, or your house is anything but tidy. Your desk full of unfinished work, your dishes, the attic that hasn't been tidy in years, etc .... you can think of them yourself! Time for a spring cleaning then you will see that you suddenly dream less messy. So the moment you clean up in your life, your dreams and visions will also change. The monotonous colors such as brown, gray, cream change into colorful dreams or just colorless and white etc.



But what do you do with dreams that clearly have an old undertone? ... …….

Do they mean nothing; my personal chaos or mess is hidden in this. Yes and No, of course there is a bit of tidying up in your life, of course there is a bit of space and peace in your life. And of course this includes looking deeper into yourself and experiencing what is going on in the background. But these kinds of old, scary, fearful dreams have also hidden a past life, history, soul growth that may come out. Awareness of the fact that you can build new things from old junk.

Finding the pearls among the fragments; that your old knowledge and wisdom will not pass away even though you have grown into a certain situation in your life. The old, dirty things or dull and dull stuff still belong to you and you no longer have to reinvent the wheel - you can, as it were, recycle your own old wishes, dreams, ideas and fruits.

You clear up the old karma, as it were, this can be karma from this life, but also karma from a previous life or karma from your family members; your history etc.



The nice thing about old, dull dreams and visions is that they represent a lot of yourself and your history. Go exploring, rediscover yourself, grab the old stuff and don't be afraid of "it reflects a part of yourself", .... it's just how you look and what you want to see or discover about yourself.


In general, you can say that dull, dull, old dreams and visions represent the way you are in your life right now. What you do with it is of course completely up to yourself, but just like a real Sherlock Homes, look for yourself, your past and your history and discover. But don't forget to tidy up and don't close yourself off to anything going on outside.


What is mine and what is unwanted from another? ...
What have I attracted that does not belong to my energy? .....


So don't close yourself off - open your doors and windows and let the fresh air empty your house, your head. Reduce stress and unhealthy energies by regularly cleaning up your home and your life. If you are spiritual and / or highly sensitive, take the time to ground and purify regularly; then your cluttered dreams and visions will disappear automatically


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