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Top 8 bedroom Not Done

Published on 1 February 2019 at 20:51

The Top 8 Not Done Things To Avoid In Your Bedroom To Get Better Sleep. Sleep problems arise for a number of reasons and many of those reasons we have created ourselves. You probably know the 8 things that you should not have in your bedroom itself and / or you say yes indeed that is correct “that I have not thought of that before”.


Sleeping is the best mediation there is (Dela Lama); sleep is very important if you do not sleep well then you cannot function properly. If you want to know more about sleeping and sleeping problems, read Sleeping and find out why sleeping is so important to me and what the consequences are of not sleeping well.



Do you want a better night's sleep below the top 8 list Not Done




Avoid Clutter, an uncluttered bedroom creates stress, also think of things under your bed that cause the energy that you experience when you sleep is interrupted. In a tidy bedroom, you can relax better, sleep better and feel more at home.




The wrong temperature, in winter we often want to be nice and warm, right! ... extra blanket, the heating on, windows closed ... .. but it's not that smart because the wrong temperature makes you have to, don't relax and you don't fall asleep well. Headaches and sweating are also a result of the wrong temperature. Choose to sleep in a bedroom where the heating is no higher than 20 degrees and no lower than 15 degrees.


The telephone and other electronic devices that interfere with your personal energy. Plugs and sockets should not be too close to your bed. This kind of on your night's sleep and makes you sleep less well. Turn everything off with a plug, turn off your phone and buy an old-fashioned alarm clock. An alternative option is to switch the phone to airplane mode.




Put your bed in the right place in the bedroom, according to feng shui it is wise not to put your bed opposite your bedroom door and especially not in a place where your feet point towards the door. According to Feng Shui, if your feet are in line with the door it means that you get more energy when you sleep. Which gives you more energy instead of relaxing and falling asleep peacefully. Which makes you wake up more tired and have less energy during the day.




Avoid harsh colors like bright blue, red, purple etc and opt for calm tones instead. This ensures that you relax more. For example, blue is a color of action, projective and entrepreneurship. Bright red speaks not only romance but also to your inner fire that needs to burn by taking action.



Fragrance is also very important to relax, you would think that scented candles, fragrance oil and incense are tasty and should be relaxing. But no less true, for example, watch out with lavender, sage that keep you awake and do not ensure you relax and sleep better. In addition, sleeping with a scent is also quite intense because your senses are stimulated again and again, so that you can sleep less well.


Do not turn your bedroom into a workplace, party area or living room. Only use your bedroom for sleeping. A bedroom that has multiple functions causes unrest in your head and confusion; which in turn does not have the correct function and that is to unwind and sleep relaxed.




Put too many crystals and gemstones, minerals in your bedroom- crystals and gemstones, minerals and that also applies to lava lamps, and orgonite can provide astral travel and active connection with the crystal field etc, or you will not relax properly- you become very active. 

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