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Waking up early in the morning

Published on 12 February 2019 at 09:31

Disrupted sleep rhythm not only tells you that you are receiving signals from the universe, spirit and that there may be points of interest in your life. No, it is also an awareness of the possibility that you are growing spiritually. Of course, waking up in the middle of the night is a sleep disturbance, light sleep followed by deep sleep, delta sleep and finally REM sleep.


It also indicates that you have stress and depression factors in your environment, have to process personal problems, experience and / or can start working on yourself, etc.

But there is even more to criticize, so you may wake up in the middle of the night. Spiritual awakening, the first signals of awareness, the first steps to personal growth "always comes in the middle of the night" ....



Do you regularly wake up early in the morning? ... ...


You may be awakening spiritually, or even growing spiritually; the first signs of (spiritual) waking up through your dreams. While you sleep you are more deeply connected to your soul, your soul mission and the universe, spirit, your guides. You do this initially unconsciously and later it changes so as you become spiritually aware of the fact that there is more "Conscious".

In the past, waking up was classified under the heading stress, burnout, processing, restless sleep, restless legs, etc. But now we know that from a spiritual point of view you can explain it as spiritual awakening and the first spiritual awareness.

There are conscious time zones that indicate "Awakening and Spiritual growth".


Why do you wake up early in the morning? ....



There are many explanations, there are many possibilities; From the dream spiritual point of view there are clear times when the first dream takes place spiritual awakening that has to do with waking up and experiencing the higher vibrations.

It is the dreams that bring us the first realization that there is more than the tangible. It is your guides, spirit and the universe that connect you through your dreams and visions and above all make you aware of the fact that the unknown may become clear and visible.

In recent years I have seen many people wake up, helped to become more aware and all these beautiful stories start with one thing Dreams and Visions ..... Waking up at certain times and then you can remember and / or connect lives, spirit, guides, helpers, twin souls, soul mates and the universe.

Wake up between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. (without using your alarm clock)


Tells you that there may be stress, burnout complaints and taking time for yourself and your personal experiences, your goals, fears and grief. Taking time for yourself, paying attention to yourself ... slowing down.

But you can also think of connecting with spirit, the universe and the desire to grow and develop. You can see it as the first small starting steps.

Sit back in your body and let it go, trust and process the old. This is also the urination time for many people, "literally letting go of the old and being restless, mood swings, etc. Take time to go to sleep in a good way, make sure you sleep peacefully so that your night's sleep also goes better.

Wake up between 1:00 and 2:00 (without your alarm clock)

Really tells you something about letting go, waking up from the old situation that no longer belongs to your life. You can suffer from fears and pent-up anger, sadness, etc. That which has served its purpose, that which is no longer there.

But it is mainly about finding healthy solutions and the (starting) deepening connection with spirit, universe and your guides.

Dreams and Visions insights and growing awareness that your soul has messages for you that may be explored. Take your time and write down your dreams, visions, images, feelings and experiences


Wake up between 3:00 and 4:00 (outside of your alarm clock)

Tells you something about the connection you make with spirit, universe, divine powers etc ... The growth and development is now really taking place on the spiritual level. You open your crown chakra, your third eye, you learn to connect with every nerve in your body, you get to know your soul and you look for deeper layers in yourself.

This is the time to develop, experience astral projections, practice and learn lucid dreaming. The deepest part of your deep self is now being experienced. The universe, spirit, your guides speak to you; big leaps and big growth are now touching you.

(sleeping is the best meditation there is) * Dalai Lama

Wake up between 5:00 and 6:00 (outside of your alarm clock)


Tells you about completing projects, removing blockages and letting go of old unhealthy patterns. Definitely deal with unhealthy things and make way for a new spiritual life, higher energies, spirit, let universe connections flow through which everything can get a place.

Not getting a good night's sleep because there is too much on your plate; finalizing connections; the body responds through your abdomen, your organs and give you a signal of closing and finishing. Learn to tune in with your body, feel every nerve, sit on your butt and take responsibility in every situation. Take time to wake up properly, provide a good morning ritual so that your day, your stress level, etc. is and remains much lower.


Know more about sleep problems, sleep better! Please contact me!

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