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Start » Dreams and Sleep » 10 Lucid Dreaming Warnings

10 Lucid Dreaming Warnings

Published on 26 January 2021 at 11:40

Lucid dreaming is nothing more than raising your awareness! ... Letting go of boundaries and limitations. It is freedom, and increasing your current frameworks that you have set. When you get off the ground, the ego is released and shifts to your intuition, source, your base, your soul, your purest self.


It is that moment when you are closest to yourself, there are no boundaries, you can just visit other dimensions and so on.



Everyone can dream lucid !. But not everyone has the perseverance to really let go. The key lies in this; completely trusting yourself and letting go of your ego. Lucid dreams



Imagine you can finally dream lucid after long practice - You just walk around the first dreams on the beach or in your house, as it were. But you want more, right? ... Eventually your boundaries shift and you take the first steps towards adventure. There are tips, tricks that you really shouldn't do.


Awareness of the fact that "lucid dreams" are just like ordinary dreams and processing of your daily life !. Sometimes a dream is just a dream. And yes, that money also for lucid dreams!


So remember this with lucid dreaming, in addition, lucid dreaming is also not suitable for children! You cannot learn lucid dreaming from a self-help book; it is a process that lets you grow and develop little by little. Lucid dreams


These are the most common "don't" mistakes when it comes to lucid dreaming!





Do not look for real memories (Do not visit situations and / or experiences with a purpose to change and / or adapt them). In other words, do not visit your past life to find answers that you cannot find in your waking existence. Don't go back to yesterday's argument with your workforce !. A lucid dream is also a dream - it is something that takes place in your own head and is not connected to other people and / or everyone involved. Emotions, feelings run high; you experience this especially when lucid dreaming.




Violence, murder, killing someone or something and so on. No matter how cool that lucid dreaming is, you must remain aware that despite the great amount of freedom and fantasy ... You are also connected to your body, your emotions, your feelings! In other words, if you kill someone in your lucid dreams, you also project this onto your mental state! So this affects your daily life. You can experience the murder as something real, realistic! It thus evokes psychological problems with far-reaching consequences.

Mirrors are a big warning, don't look in mirrors, don't look for mirrors. They are a reflection of yourself, your soul, your inner demons, your emotions and so on. It is your purest form and when you are lucid dreaming this comes out even more strongly and consciously than when you just dream! The emotions become too much, traumatic experiences with major consequences are not excluded. Just don't do it, avoid getting worse. Reflection of yourself can be very intense and you also take this with you in your waking existence.



Magic and witch craft, curses, tarot, ghosts hounting and abandoned houses and everything that has a connection with them. It is of course not the case that you can curse and / or harm yourself. Rather, it is the experience and the charge associated with this. You experience it as real and it evokes emotions, traumatic experiences. Major consequences are therefore not excluded. However, "what you call and / or attract" always comes to you regardless of the fact that it is just a lucid dream.





Stay connected to your body through a silver cord; so that you can always return to your body but do not lucidly dream that you are sleeping in your bed. This ensures that you return. Also keep your eyes closed during lucid dreaming - opening your eyes will wake you up.





Believe it so! It starts with realizing that lucid dreaming is just a dream! It only plays in your own dream world. It's not realistic, tangible. So you can't rob a bank and have a bag of money in your bedroom tomorrow morning. Watch out for this !. Imagine you have met a nice potential partner in your "waking existence". In your lucid dream you step up to this person, ask this person out on a date and she / he says Yes !.

You go back in your waking existence to the same location where you met the potential partner before and you ask this person out, assuming she / he says yes. Um no sorry it doesn't work that way, this person doesn't know about your feelings and therefore has no connection with you or has the same experience. So a very unpleasant situation arises.





Monster become real monsters. Just like with dreams, sleep, trauma, nightmares, etc., there is an influence from negative thoughts on your lucid dreams. If you go to sleep emotionally and then want to dream lucidly, this will be reinforced in your lucid dreams. Lucid nightmares are very heavy and very intensive. monsters become real monsters in lucid dreams! So keep your thought stable, stay in a positive atmosphere! Teach yourself this.





Check realities, keep knowing the difference between your waking existence and your lucid status !. There is a fine line between what is tangible and what is fantasy. It differs per person but keep it sober; with two feet on the ground. Just as in spiritual being, make sure there is a balance between floating and an earthly life. This rule applies especially if you dream lucidly. It's so nice to be completely free and to be yourself! But in daily waking life there are other rules and things that you must and may take into account. So keep balancing it !.





Lucid dreaming always has a plan, stick to this plan; don't get off the path !. Stability ensures that you stay in balance, stay in the lucid mode for a long time and that you do not get exhausted from your lucid status. Letting go of your plan while lucid dreaming can affect your mental and physical status. It can become a kind of chaos in your head, you wake up very tired, etc. activity. So stick to your plan, make a plan before you start lucid dreaming and stick to this plan!




Do not visit your future, your next life, an alien planet and so on. In other words, do not visit yourself to find answers that you do not know, have, may know in your waking existence. Remember that only the outcome has been described, not the trip of a lifetime. Live today and not tomorrow. You don't have to know the unknown, it will come your way automatically. A lucid dream is also a dream - it is something that takes place in your own head and is not connected to other people and / or everyone involved. Emotions, feelings run high, you experience this especially when you dream lucidly.



Everyone can dream lucid !. But not everyone has the perseverance to really let go. The key lies in this; completely trusting yourself and letting go of your ego.

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