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Dreams open the door to growth

Published on 2 February 2021 at 07:00

For 90% of people looking for depth in life, dreams are the first door to spiritual growth and development. This growth comes forth from the purest way of communicating with yourself and your subconscious. There is nothing easier than sleeping and learning at the same time. There is nothing better than floating in your own thoughts, wishes, dreams and fantasies. 



For many people it is the first step to intuition and growth. The connection between your soul gates and yourself. You get to know yourself, develop when you start to become aware of the fact that ............. Conscious dreaming follows naturally, in addition, your intuition grows every day so that you also experience connection in other spiritual areas and grows.


Are you ready to (re) discover yourself! Start connecting today through your dreams, the rest will follow


Dreams remain a very important part in the world of a spiritual person. It's just getting stronger and stronger. Because your intuition grows, you connect all logical steps, as it were. You continue to learn through your subconscious. The effect of the course that you have gained in your waking existence comes to the surface when you sleep "learn twice", the reliving makes for extremely rapid progress on a personal level. 7 Steps To Lucid Dreaming 10 Lucid Dreaming Warnings



Just don't forget that the pink dream cloud also shows dark sides of your intuition and character, soul lessons. Where there is growth, you can also experience emotion, pain, sadness, bumps, craters, valleys and mountains.


But how do you start? .... Your intuition only grows in one way! You can consciously remember your dreams by keeping a dream diary or sleeping diary. Don't stop after three days, but keep going (persistence wins). You will only find the correct key that fits on the dream door if you persevere. In search of the answers that you cannot find in your waking existence - discover your dreams and experience your deepest desires, wishes and much more. Past life dream fear Dream Bird's eye view


Don't underestimate the power of dreams!


Quitting also reduces your intuition and the connection with your soul. That does not mean that after conscious dreaming you should not or cannot change technique every now and then. New insights and growth processes by, for example, working with lucid dreaming strengthens your spiritual growth even more. Better dreaming also ensures that you can sleep better, fall asleep, continue to sleep, dream and visions, meditate and visualize, manifest! Sleeplessness increased to 70% Ego and dreams


Knowing more ? do not hesitate and contact me!

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