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New Moon dreams

Published on 30 September 2019 at 07:00

New moon dreams give us the opportunity to turn inward, the nurturing nature and even love. You sleep less heavily, lighter and especially from your feminine energy that is only too happy to become pregnant with all your wishes, desires, dreams and ideas.


The new moon gives you the opportunity to really return to yourself and listen to your body. With makes you aware of your earthly purpose, your being human and everything that is earthly, animals, your friends, acquaintances, affection and loved ones. See also Full Moon Dreams


Dream or vision, daydreams are therefore different from the times of normal days and / or full moon. It is much more deeply connected with your feminine energy and your nurturing, recurring qualities. The charging energy from your innermost core and pure base flows to you from the new moon, all you have to do is connect yourself to it.



The new moon is deeply connected to your soul, your base, your source and your intuition and especially your mother within yourself. You can also think of your family history and your karma, the energy in and around your home and your heart.


Sleeping during the new moon can be a challenge, the same is true for meditation, dreams, visions and daydreams. Affirmations, manifestations, visualizations, are challenging during the new moon because you are drawn in from your source, your base and / or how you stand on the Earth.

"Just completely yourself with new moon"


Connect with yourself, the planet, earth, trees, water, air and animals and find balance during the new moon. Each cycle has a specific influence on your being human, your soul, your body as well as the new moon!

Fall in love with yourself and the situation you are in, fall in love with your life and your body is strengthened during the new moon all you have to do is wrap yourself in your arms.

Are you ready and discover the amazing effect of new moon dreams and the connection with your roots, your base, your earthly existence and the fertility that comes from this. You experience great steps forward when you connect yourself with the new moon and the great energy that flows very earthly.


You start connecting with yourself 1 day before new moon from your earthly energy and you repeat this the day after (during new moon) followed by the day after, in total your new moon dream growth can be experienced for 3 days!



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