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Pregnant and dreaming

Published on 3 February 2021 at 09:32

You're pregnant! ... And your dreams are really strange! ... You're not alone; so do not worry. In fact, it is more than usual. You can think of it as dreams for two. Your baby gets to know you through soul dreams, as it were, and otherwise, because you get to know your baby through the dream world.


The first connection is made through your dreams. Long before you feel the first kick, you already dream for two, and you feel for two! Babies dream from the primal source, they do not yet have a frame of reference and also have added experiences and properties to waking existence of things / situations. Emotions run high when you are pregnant; the explanation of dreams is therefore more difficult and complicated than if you are not pregnant. There are more factors involved. Dreams You Do Together



Most women dream at least about the delivery itself, about the death of a baby. You can also think of dreams of a kidnapping or losing or divorcing the baby.


In addition, it is the case that in pregnant women the hormones rush through the body. When you sleep you need more time to process everything. In your waking existence, your head (brain) works a kind of overtime. When you sleep, you have to give it a place, so that you not only need more sleep time, but also dream more intensively.


If you are pregnant, sleep anxiety or daydream anxiety can also develop. Dream anxiety is real! because it is so intensive that you no longer know how or what. Also common is experiencing the connection with a twin flame, soul mate, or partner dreams



So if you are pregnant you should sleep more! Get at least 9 hours of sleep!Zorg voor minimaal 9 uur slaap!



Mother and child are so deeply connected that from conception through dreams; every minute strengthens and grows. Your baby gives you many whole nightmares, trauma dreams, memories of your own baby / childhood. And it is often also in color, scent and full of emotions. You often dream about the connection with your own father and mother, educator, guardian and so on.


Another important reason is that your baby tries to feel, acknowledge and connect you at a soul level through the womb. The soul energy makes contact, past lives, soul assignments and even baby name wishes so that you experience a kind of awakening of the fact that ......


This connection Read my blog "dream together", lasts until the 3/4 year of your child's life



Now that the coronavirus still has a huge impact on life, it is even more intense for a pregnant woman, not only because the hormones and the connection with the baby cause nightmares, fears, sadness and emotions. But also because the stress level, burnout, depression and the fear of corona and the baby increase by 50%. The question of what happens if I get corona and so on can have a lot of influence on the connection with your baby during dreaming. 



Let your dreams be explained and find out what your baby wants to tell you, what you are going through in your life and so on.
Experience the connection of a new life and thereby open your own soul gates and soul lessons.

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