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Letting go of dreams

Published on 5 February 2021 at 07:00

You have experienced a dream that has had a lot of impact. You are busy with it a lot, let it be explained, you try to put the puzzle pieces together. It's all right; but nothing else happens. It remains silent, no response, no answers. For nights long (unconsciously) and inactive you dream ... But you do not dream consciously, no soul lessons or intuitive new steps ..... Dream Cloud


Letting go of the power of dreams - letting dreams stretch - brings about transformation and change. Attracting insights, puzzle pieces and soul lessons has a connection with the law of attraction. Don't bother, just let it go ... You probably know it, people say it so simple .... Like it's simple? ... 


In other words, "Sometimes a dream is just a dream!"



It works the same as affirmation, manifestation, visualization and so on. If you are just too busy with it (your thoughts are focused on), you attract the opposite! The power is in it, letting go - knowing that your soul knows the answers, shares when it is necessary and when you as an ego conscious person may know.  Let dreams set in 


By letting go, a dream can actually become the beginning of the common thread that you are looking for.



You will not get answers, insights, support, solutions if you are too focused on finding them! Let go of ego and control - let your soul, your source, your base, your heart lead the way! Have faith in the silence of ......... Listen and receive. Take the time to let it develop, let it steep as if it were a cup of tea. Dream connection tips from nature

Why you should let go of dreams!

  • It is liberating and relieving;
  • It gives you peace of mind;
  • It clears up (in both your head and your heart), leaving room for new dreams;
  • It gives you self-satisfaction or recognition;
  • You come back into a positive energy.

Dreams let go of tips



Awareness of the fact that Sometimes a dream is just a dream, that the dream must rest before you can find answers. Give it to the dream cloud let the universe do its job.

Know that your soul knows all the answers - that knowing dreams is part of your ego.

Write it down in a dream diary, sleeping diary and let it rest.


  • Provide distraction! So do something completely different, change your focus and receive at the right time, right time.
  • Embrace feelings !, accept your fears, emotions, experiences you had while dreaming
  • Be still, let it rest, Sttt listen to your heart, your source, your base and let it go.

Describe what you feel! You can think of 

  • I'm frustrated!
  • I'm afraid!
  • I'm annoyed!
  • I am sad!
  • I panic!


Leave this to the universe, god and / or that with which you feel a connection. Alternatively, you can symbolically burn and / or tear it up, throw it away, and so on.


Know that what you are allowed to know will come your way and that what you don't need will not appear to you.

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