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Start » Dreams and Sleep » Do you really need to sleep 8 hours?

Do you really need to sleep 8 hours?

Published on 15 February 2021 at 07:00

As a sleep coach I often get the question do I really have to sleep for 8 hours? The answer to that is Yes and No. That does not sound very clear, but the reason for this is that there are a number of external (new time) factors at play. The theory of 8 hours of sleep is based on science from years ago.

Sleeping problems cannot generally be indicated by explicitly saying that your 8/9 hours of sleep is the solution. The main problem is the way of sleeping; the stress, your sleeping pattern and your sleeping habits. In addition, Covid-19 also plays a very important role Sleeplessness increased to 70%


So you can lie in bed for 8/9 hours. The question, however is, do you sleep and / or do you relax or is it just because you have to?


Someone who sleeps through, falls asleep and relaxes completely can perhaps function well with 6 hours of sleep ..... Without there being overloads and / or a good balance in which the body feels and acts best. So remember this is the key to your sleeping answers!


"How well do you sleep?" ....


So the real answer to this question stems from multiple factors. So I don't mean that you don't have to adhere to the scientific findings at all. That you don't have to sleep 8/9 hours to fully unwind - you can sleep for 9 hours and still wake up tired. It's about the way you sleep and the great degrees of relaxation it brings. The sleeping fables


My question to you is! ... How do you sleep? ... That also determines the way you wake up, can distribute your energy throughout the day and / whether you also relax and / or meditate during the day, daydream and so on. Sleeping makes the difference Sleeping with the dark days Stress Sleeping  


Better sleep starts with yourself, finally learn to sleep well by looking at your automatic patterns and / or sleep experiences


Good sleep is the basis for less stress, burnout, fears, depression and fatigue, and so on. Start wondering today ... How do I sleep ?. and keep a sleeping diary so that you gain insight into your body and your natural sleep rhythm.


Do you want to know more or support in the field of sleep!

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