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Crystals dream energy

Published on 12 August 2019 at 07:00

Crystals (gemstones and minerals) have a tremendous influence on your dreams, visions, meditations, altar, yoga manifestation and visualization. Crystals, gemstones, minerals and so on have an influence on you as a human being.

Just when you relax, you are even better able to connect yourself with the great opportunity, vibration that nature has given us.



You connect each crystal during your sleep with your source, your base, soul and with your guides, helpers, supporters, the universe and / or there with which you are connected. The crystal (gemstone or mineral) not only supports, it guides you, it feels your vibration and amplifies, supports that what is already there and / or may be found.


You can use the crystals (gemstones and minerals) not only for dreams, visions, meditations, visualizations, etc., but also for healing and spiritual ritual, home cleansing and as a charger for your gems and minerals. The crystals also help you with spiritual travel between other dimensions and spiritual worlds. Crystals open doors and energy from another era. Crystals connect you to the crystal field, crystal essence provided you also connect yourself to this.

Sleeping, meditating, visualizing with crystals provides soft flowing energy that helps you sleep better, connect yourself and of course connect with the higher spiritual and growth.



Which crystals (gemstones and minerals) help me sleep better?


Rose quartz

Crystals Dream Exercise




Step 1

Buy a crystal (gemstone or mineral) that really suits you, that suits your energy, that feels good! Buy a crystal (gemstone or mineral) by feeling so that it suits your personality, your skin, your energy vibration, possibly your zodiac sign and / or your life situation.





Step 2

Clean your crystal (gemstone or mineral) well before you use it - the energy of the store and everyone who touched it is still hanging on it and when you go to sleep you don't want to have it! You can clean in different ways - let the seller or specialist advise you.





Step 3

Place a crystal of your choice on your bedside table, under your pillow, at the foot of the bed or even under your bed - keep it at 1 crystal because it is not the case that the more crystals the better you sleep - no it is the opposite the more crystals the worse you sleep because too much energy is released that disrupts your own energy.

That also applies to the size of the crystal, there are kirstables that are suitable for large spaces that do not help you with in the bedroom, sleeping and / or connecting yourself with your guides, helpers, universe and so on.

Keep it very simple !!.




Step 4

Give your crystal (gemstone or mineral) a dream, meditation, visualization, vision intention!

Take this intention with you when you go to sleep. Keep this image, feeling, intention tight until the last minutes before going to sleep, focus on feeling the deep connection with the crystal (gemstone and mineral); keep yourself open to your guides, helpers, supporters and especially to yourself, your soul, your source and your base and so on





Step 5

Provide a quiet sleeping environment where you are completely at ease and relax yourself, pay close attention to ensure that you are not, for example, a mobile phone or other steam device near you. This causes disturbances during your sleep and your crystals (gemstones and minerals) dream status.





Step 6

When you wake up or from a vision, meditation, visualization, you write down your experiences in a notebook or diary. This gives you insight into what you have experienced and / or what you have encountered and so on. This diary / notebook is the beginning of awareness of the fact that you can experience the connection with your crystals (gems ​​and minerals). Use this diary during your sleep, visions, meditation, visualization and write down both stories and immediately see the similarities and the growth that results from it so that you can recognize the common thread and so on. 

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