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Start » Dreams and Sleep » Dream anxiety really exists!

Dream anxiety really exists!

Published on 17 December 2019 at 07:00

You probably know, had a very scary nightmare yesterday, you go to sleep insecure; pull the covers over you and close your eyes. You go to sleep tense with the inner feeling as long as it is not the same as yesterday. Sure enough, the nightmare seems even worse than the day before.


This is a simple example of dream anxiety or sleep anxiety that occurs in many forms and degrees ... From extreme sweating, crying, panic attacks, really not daring to sleep, insomnia, hot, cold, headache, migraine, palpitations, ringing in the ears, restless legs and so on.

There are even cases known that simply do not want to and cannot sleep for days because of the great influence of the resulting trauma and fear. It can limit your entire life. Your connection to your intuition, your source, your base and your physical / energetic life and so on.



Take it from me, you're not alone, there's nothing to be ashamed of!


Dream Anxiety and Sleep Anxiety is something of our time and yet it has been around for years, but it is still an almost undiscussed topic.


Marjan's fear of dreams is something for children, don't you grow over that? … In some cases (It is becoming more and more common) dream or sleep anxiety is a recurring pattern. In addition, it occurs not only in children, teenagers but also in adults !.


The cause can be very diverse, trauma, past life, stress, burnout, ADHD, HSP, and so on. The solution and treatment of dreams and fear of sleep is different for each person, so I cannot give you any advice on this.


If you suspect that you have sleep or dream anxiety, please contact a specialist! Don't just get started yourself, consult steps and so on.

How do I recognize dream anxiety or sleep anxiety?


It is actually very simple, if sleeping, falling asleep no longer goes without saying, then there may be a deep intense blockage or dream fear or fear of sleep. Do you really need to sleep for 8 hours?

Have recurring nightmares, sleep experiences / dream experiences that also occupy you in your waking existence.

You can also recognize this in addition to extreme sweating, panic attack, palpitations, crying and / or emotions that arise from nowhere.

Ringing in the ears, restless legs and so on; hearing excessive noise, fear of the dark.

But you can also think of unconsciously (consciously) postponing sleeping, waking up exhausted and burnout, stress symptoms.

Dream anxiety, Sleep anxiety can also be related to family karma, past lives and childhood experiences and / or that which is common in your family or like-minded.



You do not yet speak of (persistent) dream anxiety or sleep anxiety after 1 nightmare. There is always a recurring pattern that generally persists for a longer period of time. 10 Lucid Dreaming Warnings

In some cases you may experience a nightmare that paralyzes you completely and / or occupies / arouses fear. Which makes you no longer dare to sleep, dare to dream. Of course this is also an (in) direct form of dream anxiety / sleep anxiety. In general this can be called harmless (there are always exceptions to this rule).

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