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Dreamwalker (False Awakening)

Published on 11 November 2019 at 07:00

When I got the title of this blog (intuitively) I had no idea where it would go, how it would develop. All I knew that the words walker and dream clearly have a message that I want to share with you.

The nice thing is that (almost) all my blogs were created by a similar moment like this one. Not knowing where it is going. Trusting my feelings, I write - synchronously, from my deepest source and base. That does not mean that my knowledge is not substantiated, or that I just do something.


Finding a connection with your dreamwalker is not difficult, difficult or complicated because it is present in the deepest core (soul) of your being.


No, I let everything flow, develop without initially having control over it. I tap into my inner dream walker, connected to my intuition and the dream world in which I live. Only then will I link theory, knowledge and experience to make it a whole.



The dream walker is also called the False awakening dreams.


False awakening dreams are uncommon, it is linked to lucid dreaming. For this you must first learn to dream consciously in order to experience this. It is the part in which your body is, as it were, not yet awake. In sleep mode (REM sleep) and your head (brain) is waking up. So you think you are awake, but in reality you are still asleep.


You are deeply connected to your dreams from the very core of your entire being. Connected to your source and your base. With one leg in the dream dimensions and my soul layers and one leg on earth as a human being. The dream walker in you who is only too eager to discover, dream, sleep, meditate, visualize, learn and study. Getting to know yourself from the dream walker's eyes is in a word fantastic and cool.


Are you also a dream walker? ..



The dreamwalker in myself opens new doors, has confidence and knows where it is going. Because of this deep dreamwalker energy it sometimes seems to go faster than I can act as a controlled human being. That makes me insecure, doubting and often gives me the idea that my dreams are fantasy, not tangible, not attainable or even not even intended for this life.

Because I deeply connect with my dream walker I manifest at a rapid pace, I attract what my deepest desires are and I especially enjoy everything I have in life.


But Marjan what is a dream walker anyway?


You can think of it as the great intuitive extended state between sleeping and waking up; that is completely connected with your heart, your source, your base, your soul assignment and / or with which you have a connection.

In the beginning, the dreamwalker is only present within you for the first few minutes when you have awakened. The first minutes after waking up, therefore, reflect the energy for the day and flow through your waking existence. By connecting and practicing yourself, your dreamwalker awareness also increases little by little. It flows into your daily life through your intuition and your source of life (heart). Through practice you can therefore experience a deep connection throughout the day that flows from your source.

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