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The healing power of no flow

Published on 26 October 2019 at 07:00

The healing power of having no flow, no ideas, energy, no connection with your highest good. No connection to your dream world and completely blocked. No flowing energy that flows through your entire body for a moment, but an obligatory stop. A blockage that puts you back in the balance of your soul, your aura to your innermost core. Dreams open the door to growth

Not so long ago I learned something new - something I always did but of which I was not so aware (anymore). I recently read a wonderful article by a colleague - inspired I started working on it. After practicing it, I wanted to share the knowledge with my followers.


Ehhhhh I thought so; after I had typed a few words on my blog nothing came anymore .... No flow, a blockage, a standstill. Distracted from what happened, I roamed the web, social media, hoping to find new flow to no avail.

From this blockage the energy flowed even deeper and enough I literally stop the energy and get stuck. I stopped, emotionally and sadly I sat in front of the TV with an oversized bowl of ice cream and a bag of chips. You guessed it a case of being pathetic, alone in the world and deeply tired of the non-flowing energy. Slowing down dreams

Until the moment I spontaneously picked up my dream bullet journal and started writing words out of the blue.


The power of the question; Why did this happen? ... Why am I doing this? ... What am I experiencing? ... Why am I pathetic now? ...



In addition, going back to the moment it originated is important. Go back to when you blocked and ask yourself what exactly did you do? ...


The answer to that was simply and simply "becoming aware of your individuality, your purity, your energy". No more adapting to others, your uniqueness does not flow from yourself and the knowledge of others. Let's go back to the feeling, my intuition, my source, base, my heart. And yes that already knew the answer - my overactive active mind just not yet. Stress Sleeping

Immediately I cleared up, my tiredness was over, being pathetic disappeared and made way for action and a new blog, which flows completely with my individuality, purity. The Best Sleeping Tip

Do you ever suffer from energy that does not flow? ..   




I also (re) learned something else that I would like to share with you.

I regularly see messages in which you are challenged to always be positive when you are not feeling well. You have to look through the eyes of new energy these days, stay in the flow.

Visualizing a lot and especially focusing on being good; embracing life and so on. Nice mindfulness .... Yes, but I liked my pathetic moment not flowing. Singel Valentine

It brought me back to Earth completely, back to the source and the basis of everything. An hour of no flow is so powerful, eating that bag of chips and then finding the balance again is much more powerful than continuing with mindfulness. So I call on this, to occasionally (consciously) sit in sackcloth and ashes, to throw those emotions out and to work on yourself without regrets that you have not been positive. Dream Bird's view


What is your experience with not being in the flow?

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