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Dream tree DNA

Published on 17 September 2019 at 07:00

We all do dreams, visions, daydreams and have been doing it for centuries. From the beginning of humanity, this process continues in the next generation as if the dream tree DNA flows into the next body that is connected to the family (karma). Generation after generation we pass on the dream tree.

Every life we get the chance to process, resolve, experience and use this. It's nothing to be afraid of. It is a great source of old experiences that have been incorporated into your dream and with which you have a very deep soul connection that goes beyond what your mind's eye can see. Partner and relationship dreams



Parents, grandparents, ancestors influence your dreams, visions, meditations, daydreams !.



The way your ancestors dreamed, visions, meditate, daydream you do it yourself too; you can see it this way you dream in the same color, combinations, smell, emotions, feelings and energy as your mother, grandmother, great grandfather and so on. It also often happens that when your parents sleep / slept badly, it also flows through to your own children who in turn can also be bad sleepers, dreamers and / or are "exceptions left". If you connect yourself with the dream tree then you can dissolve a small piece of the old karma, process it and so on so that your own children do not have to bear it or less. Sleep sensitivity



Dream Tree DNA is a great way to connect old energy, memories, dreams that you can use in your daily life - resolve family karma. Discover why things repeat over and over in your life, recurring dream energy and stuck patterns become visible as your connection to your dream tree DNA. Pregnant and dreaming



You can connect to your family history and everything important around it through your dreams.

It is the blueprint of your body, you can also describe it as the roots of your tree of life. Each generation you learn something new, dream new things and pass on old dreams, visions, karma to the next generation.

These treasures are hidden at the very bottom of your dream body, at the deepest point of your dream being you can find and reveal the connection and the secrets in it. Love dreams

Connect yourself to your dream tree, discover your dream DNA and give it a place, process it and so on. Narcissist, empty dreams of empathy

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