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Dream cycle

Published on 6 September 2019 at 07:00

Did you know that dreams and visions are not only linked to what you experience, experience and process on a daily basis, but also to the cycle of your body (menstruation, pregnancy, menopause), the positions of the moon, sun and elements. You can also think of your child, baby cycle and your adolescent, young adult, adult and older adult period. Each cycle is different and is also experienced differently. Compensatory dreams Conjuction affects dreams



What if I told you that if you are in a lesser period (winter), your dreams and visions also change and feel less pleasant. As if you are in receding energy, still period, rest, turn inwards and only start moving again when the dream cycle starts flowing again. End of year dreams



Spring brings with it a whole different dream, vision, meditation energy, which also synchronizes with your frame of reference and / or life energy and soul. In the fall you are busy completing while in the summer you are reaping the benefits and this whole process will come back next year and the year after. In fact, the process repeats itself day after day. Stress Sleeping


Every dream, vision, meditation, daydream is made up of a recurring cycle. Which can best be compared to building a book; an intro, the story and the conclusion. Over and over you repeat this process as your dream, vision, meditation, daydream develops, the cycle continues to repeat as ebb and flow, only the energy changes as a person sleeps, meditates, daydreams and so on. Winter sleep Hibernation 



What if you can Tune in to the dream cycle you are in? ...


Then you connect more with yourself, you understand dreams, messages, life lessons, soul assignments and common thread much better. You will sleep better if you connect yourself to the correct cycle of life - the question is, however, are you in ebb or flow - is the full moon ahead of you or the new moon in your life. When the sun comes up, are you reaping the fruits or are you just about to plant them? Do you really need to sleep for 8 hours?


Ask yourself am I a morning person or an evening person? This is the first step towards discovering your dream cycle.

The dream cycle is different for every person, the flow of life is different for everyone at every moment of the day, ... no one is on the exact same line at the moment. It is your own blueprint that needs attention and can be fully appreciated, loved and used as you connect yourself to your own cycle. New Moon dreams



Dreams, visions, daydreams, meditations build up, blossom and finish.

Learn to understand when you can connect with your full potential and when you can harvest. By simply listening, looking at your dreams, visions, daydreams, meditation cycle. Daydreams when you just wake up are also very different from daydreams that you experience at the end of the day!



Is it that simple then marjan ?.

Yes, if you keep track of your dreams, visions, daydreams and meditations for a longer period of time, you will see a recurring pattern that is connected to the cycle of the planet, the sun, the moon, and your phase of life and so on.


As an example I take the transition - menopause. The moment this is revealed in your life, your dreams, visions, meditations and daydreams also change .... As a starting dream, vision in transition you can think of babies, animals, family, friends, unfinished phases. The second stage (new moon period) is mainly blood, swimming, affection. As the third stage (full moon stage) rest and withdraw, work on yourself and so on. Ego and dreams



If you start with this, you can see very well in which phase you are in your menopause. In which phase you can best undertake something. In which phase is the right time to take action. Welcome moment, it is a good idea to stop.


Another nice dream cycle you know is that when you close a period in your life, have gone through a learning process, you have overcome a cycle. This cycle does not repeat itself anymore, but changes and / or transforms automatically into another new energy that also keeps flowing and repeating and so on. Partner and relationship dreams

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