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Start » Dreams and Sleep » Mask of soul colors dreams

Mask of soul colors dreams

Published on 31 August 2019 at 07:00

A mask, face covering, painting and so on reflects your soul colors, the purest me; that which remains hidden from the outside world but may radiate completely for yourself and opens from your highest intentions and good. In addition, it is the dark side of your life and / or the situation you are in, self-reflection and inner search. Hibernation dreams



Who would see me?

In the dream and vision world, a mask not only reflects what you want, but also what the outside world sees. The outside world sees your blind spot or that what the outside world sees, but what you don't know. The third eye, your intuition, your base, your source, your frame of reference, and so on are completely connected with the spiritual and / or there with which you are or feel connected. Daydreaming fear



Imagination is the eye of the soul.


The shapes, colors, materials you have chosen tell a story - an explanation from your intuition, soul, your source. It is your own alter ego, that what you want to be, that what you were and that you can become if you continue on the chosen path of life. The layers of life and / or past lives come to the fore in a dream mask. It is both beautiful, uniquely filled with soul colors that radiate, as well as old experiences, stuck patterns, obscuring, safe, protective and intangible. Ego and dreams


While I search on Pinterest for images about masks, face covering, painting and so on, I meet a lot of beautiful people! From which all unique and pure soul colors splash. I actually wanted to share them all with you, but I picked 8. Stress Sleeping

All people wear a mask in life, sometimes big, sometimes small, impenetrable, seductive, pure, unique and beautiful. When you sleep, dream, vision, meditate, Yoga, visualize your dream mask, dream face painting comes out even more strongly because your soul speaks, calls and wants to be heard.


Discover what is really hidden behind your soul mask, painting? .. discover your soul colors, your own vibration, intuition and show yourself and / or the outside world. There are many things in life that trigger trauma and fearful experiences, things you don't want to talk about and / or ever want to experience again. Past life dream fear



You are perfect the way you are; regardless of your past, present and your mistakes.


The mask, face covering, painting and so on reflects everything, your whole being as well as your past lives and inner demons; it can be experienced and used both positively and negatively. Your soul colors flow from your source, your base, your heart and they are very important, but the question is do I want to see, experience, feel what is under my mask? ... Am I ready to let my soul colors shine from my whole being, source.



Dream Mask soul colors exercise

Step 1

Sit in front of the mirror, take a mirror in your hand while sitting on the edge of your bed so that your feet can reach the floor. Lower your attention and focus on your feet. Feel your legs touching the chair and / or your bed edge. Feel your feet making contact with the ground - feel the carpet, parquet and so on. Relax and as you watch yourself, pay close attention to your breathing and let your soul colors flow. Seeing, feeling, experiencing, smelling, tasting your soul colors takes some practice; try and learn - but know that your soul is processing it on a subconscious level, showing it to you.

Regardless of whether you can perceive it with your senses (eyes) at the moment. Every day you go a step further start the first day with 2 minutes and increase it every day by one minute. It is very strange to see your soul colors and you can experience shame, emotions to look at yourself in your eyes in the mirror. Fairytales and Fantasy dreams




Step 2

Become aware of your breathing, "mask, soul colors" your source, your base, your heart, your soul colors that gently draw you into the chair or bed with an energy. Pay attention to your feet; Imagine transparent mask roots growing out of your feet. Those mask roots anchor you deeply in the earth and ensure that you are ready to truly see your soul colors from your source and that you dream, vision, act, meditate, daydream, visualize, manifest from your source.




Stap 3 

The hardest step - viewing your own colors and taking time to take off the mask, removing the paint bit by bit without your soul colors disappearing. Step 3 only works if you are ready to take off your mask or a piece of your mask. Visualize very calmly and slowly touching your mask, soul colors; feel it with your senses, experience it, smell it, name it, let it flow through your body and let it go. Feel the vibration of this magical experience, if you dare you go a step further clean your mask, soul colors; or untie it and so on.

You determine how far you go and which layers you want to leave until another moment and what you want to process. With each layer you feel the emotions, feelings, vibrations that go with it and let it flow. Take your time - take it easy "your mask", you cannot remove it in a short time because your mask just comes back because it belongs to you.




Step 4 

The next dream mask step! .... Lie down, relax. Always remember that you dream from the source, your base, your soul and / or with which you feel the connection. Let go and remember your relaxed state of dreams that let everything flow, then it is very possible that your dream will be experienced completely from the maskless source, base and especially soul-colored. You are and you live from your source the writer of your soul dreams, the vision script. Nightmares and anxiety




Step 5  

Sleep soundly and let your dream mask, soul colors shine from your source, your base without fear, shame, past, trauma, hiddenness and so on. It is safe to be who you are, let yourself shine because you are perfect just the way you are ... you deserve it, you are worth it why would you want to hide yourself? .. You also have a goal, task what it then also may be "you are further than you think all you have to do is believe in yourself and take off your mask, your face covering, painting and let it flow pure. Commemoration dreams

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