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Sound in your dreams

Published on 27 August 2019 at 07:00

The rhythms of your heart reflect the sound in your dream or vision, daydream, meditation. It makes the difference between transformation and holding on to what was. The rhythm of the music in your dream gives a nice and deep feeling that makes you relax, change and attract and so on.


Dreaming, visions, daydreams in which music occurs is healing and healing from your deepest core, base, your soul and your intuition and / or the higher spiritual with which you feel a deep connection. The music flows where your subconscious flows and gives you the rhythm of your life. Dreams are the Subconscious


The vibration of music makes your soul sing


Music touches your senses, awakens your essence to feel, hear, smell, communicate from your soul, your source, your intuition. Music reflects the inner and outer healing and the medicine against everything you have experienced in your life and / or situation you are in. Music wakes you up, makes you awake and grow while you sleep, daydream, vision.


Have you ever woken up with a song or music in your head that you just can't let go? ..


That may well be true; because they are the first signals of an answered prayer, ask for help, signal, awareness of the fact, you can start working with this and so on. Music connects dreams, intuition and connects your past life experiences, your problems, your memories to each other so that it can heal.

In addition, music in your dreams, visions, daydreams is also a reflection of desires, memories from a movie that touch your emotions, feelings. It represents the vibration that is connected to your own heart and everything that goes with it. Sleeping makes the difference


Yes we dream, visions all to the rhythm of your soul through music, there are no exceptions. Except that not everyone can consciously remember. In fact, we dream with sound, music, words more often than you can imagine.

Let the music heal your soul 


Music is like an ocean, it flows, it is ebb and flow and provides inner healing and recovery from unhealthy periods and situations. From the womb of life you experience a new soul vibration through the music that lifts you to a higher level.

Expression from your soul, your heart, your base, your inner vibration provides the deep connection that you seek in your waking existence. The colors of your soul are experienced in music, sound dreams and made aware of the fact that! Ego and dreams



Do you want to know more about the combination between music and the power of dance dreams blog and / or view the coaching options.



In addition to music, sound you can also think of words, sounds that you touch via heart vibrations, intuition so that you can give it a place in your life and / or the situation in which you are. Each word has a personal charge, no one else can touch it, explain it, experience it because it flows through your own vibration. Slowing down dreams


Words tell you what you are in contact with, what is important now, what is keeping you busy in your waking existence and / or what you can work with. Signals from the universe, that what you have asked for is answered through dream words and stored and processed in the right place. You can also think of sheet music or playing it yourself in a band, orchestra and so on. Partner and relationship dreams



If you want to know more about the combination between music and dance dreams, view the coaching options

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