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Recurring dreams

Published on 22 August 2019 at 07:00

You have probably experienced it once; a dream, meditation that is about the same as the previous one ... the same or not; the feeling was the same and that gives a special feeling of recognition, fear, deepening message or even memory.

Recurring dreams or visions, meditations are common and have a special message for you because they don't come back for nothing. There is a signal behind an awareness of the fact that .....


It reflects the dark side; the blueprint that you cannot see but is present in your subconscious (waking existence and sleep world) Recurring dreams, visions and meditations not only affect your whole being, but also your soul, your source, your base and your body. Dreams are the Subconscious


Of course, not all recurring dreams, visions and meditations are fun or signals from the universe, your guides, helpers and so on. You can also think of trauma processing nightmares from a past life and soul assignments that need attention. There is much more to a recurring dream, vision or meditation than you might think at first. It comes from your source, your base and sometimes from the higher universe and / or with which you are connected. Nightmares and anxiety


A recurring dream fact is that they always come back when you need it, when you don't expect it.


It always flows from your source, your base, soul and not from your deepest desire to find answers - recurring dreams also always block when you want to be in control. If you are looking for answers you are not going to find them; you can also think of attracting twin souls, soul mates, lovers and soul connections to block them if it is kept under control. The key to recurring dreams is letting go, trusting your intuition, your source, your base and so on. End of the year dreams


You can also compare recurring dreams to unhealthy relationships; who keep crossing your life path, until you get it, learn and have outgrown the situation. It is a process that can take years, just as long until you understand it, can process it and / or give it a place. Dreams open the door to growth



You can recognize recurring dreams by a number of important elements.


The same theme and location and so on;

Emotions, feelings, smell, sound and / or experiences;

Certain returning persons, animals, environment including yourself;

A conflict, quarrel, fight or a result that remains unchanged;

It must always be more than two dreams, visions, meditations if you want to be able to talk about recurring.

The way of waking up is a déjà vu experience, knowing there is an underlying message and so on.

Therefore, people who have experienced similar trauma are much more likely to have similar recurring dreams, visions, and meditations than people who do not have similar life experiences.



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