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Focus and receive

Published on 10 August 2019 at 07:00

Ask yourself, how often did you get what you really wanted? How often did you get what you really wanted? How often did you get the opposite? .... You can probably answer No to this often, regularly, several times. It's because we always attract the opposite of what we wanted.


You can see it this way, you have a shitty job, you get bad pay and you always wanted to do something completely different. You are fed up when you are at work, you are at home (heart) working hard on your dream but it doesn't work! ... ... That's because your focus is wrong; you focus on what you don't want and not on what you do want. Letting go of dreams


So what you have to do because to attract what you really want deep down right now is the Opposite - Enjoy your amazing job today, with your amazing salary and doing what you thought you always wanted to do what it is not .....


Keep this up and what really should come your way will suddenly come your way because your focus has shifted to exactly attracting what really suits me and being satisfied with what you do have. In addition, we are often inclined to try to stop after a while, just when you have one more bump ... You quit, it wasn't right? .. Maybe your source speaks contradictory things that make your plan, wish, dream would not be successful anyway. Dreams are underestimated.


The fact is that the moment you go for something - you can ask yourself the following question and if the answer is yes then you are going to be successful. Am I willing to put the past behind me? to go completely for what I believe in, to put everything aside for it no matter how long it takes you. (This does not mean that you have to quit your job!) And I am willing to pay the price attached to this.



Do you really do anything for it? No matter what you encounter, uncertainties, mistakes, problems. Suppose someone asks you to work abroad from today? ..
Whether you will be successful is unknown, no one knows whether you will succeed, but you are willing to pay this price and leave the past behind.



In addition, it is important that you provide some kind of consideration, keep working for that great job, give away your information and knowledge for free, work on it behind the scenes and above all take action - the sun rises for nothing and time for learning and studying is a big step in this. Make that great (pussy) job a learning process, unique great opportunity! Turn your thoughts around and you attract what you always wanted. Stop looking


Those who are really successful have burned their old problems, fought like lions, never stopped, never pulled but let it flow and most importantly they took time for themselves - development, growth, mistakes, stupid things! Continue where others stop.

The focus was there and stayed there despite what everyone thinks, says and so on.

In addition, having a dream goal is also an important point - visualize it, feel it, know it, live it and keep your current job just with it - it will let go of itself as soon as it is no longer important! Sleep sensitivity


Gabrielle Bernstein shared this great theory, and it became extremely successful. Oprah Winfrey also mentioned this theory several times; there are even more experienced experts who put this form in their own way; with unique results and that's why I'm sharing it with you too. A Dutch master of this is Michael Pilarczyk (Napoleon Hill) follow him you will attract wonders!


    The reason I am writing this blog is because it is an important topic in the area that many people are running into at the moment - I have read many wonderful books on similar topics and I use this knowledge in my daily life and therefore it is an important message to share. I didn't invent the wheel, I just keep it spinning; translates in my own words the credit goes to those who invented it! Why I don't fill up on loneliness

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