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Got lost in my dream

Published on 2 August 2019 at 07:00

Well get lost in your dreams and visions is an art for your soul; it is sheer panic, fear and ignorance - but for your soul it is the ultimate opportunity to grow and develop. We really want to be in control !. Just think, how do you feel if you don't know how the story ends? What if you come across something scary and / or you don't know which way to take anymore? ... Dreams when the veil is thin


It's both scary and exciting at the same time. In addition, your ego likes to feel pain, sadness, fear as if it is some kind of kick that we have to move on that stands in the way of inner balance and happiness.


One of the most difficult life lessons is "letting go, having faith in the universe, your soul, your source, your base, god, the higher and / or there with which you are connected". It sounds so easy and you probably knew this! ... Learn to anchor yourself

But it is really the only solution. Let go end let God. * text Dr Wayne W Dyer.



What if you learn to get lost in your dreams or visions, daydreams, meditations - learn to trust your heart, your feelings, your source, the universe; your guides and helpers and / or those with whom you are in contact! ... How would you feel if this is going to happen? ... ... Good, nice, less fearful, no panic but security and safe. Sleeplessness up to 70%


Getting lost is not only good for your empathy, creativity, independence and so on, but also for the growth and development of your soul, soul assignments, deep hidden messages and closed emotions, feelings that you have hidden deep in your being. Every night you walk through your own unique maze - with creaking doors, dusty cellars, dark tunnels, deep forests and open spaces that you have created yourself. Daydreaming fear


It is the combination if you can rely on your feelings, intuition, gut, the universe god and / or there with which you have a connection during the day, then you can also when you sleep. Your dreams and visions, meditations will be completely different when you experience awareness of the fact that you are always in control yourself from your intuition, your soul, your base. Making you quickly take big steps forward in your life, soul growth and development - your connection with your guides, helpers, god and so on. Nightmares and anxiety


This has to do with the fact that if you learn to let go of control in your waking existence, you can also do that in your dreams, visions and meditations. Of course, one thing is connected to the other, so if you let go in your dream world, you can then also better in your waking existence!


I have developed a dream get lost exercise that teaches you to get lost properly and in a balanced way. This exercise consists of 2 parts - waking existence dream get lost exercise. And the dream get lost exercise both are equally important and together make up the successful getting lost. Stress Sleeping


You can do the exercises independently, you don't have to do it one after the other - it's about the combination that reflects confidence building.
If you can get lost during the day then you can easily do it while you sleep. 

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