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Dream path illuminate

Published on 6 August 2019 at 07:00

I illuminate my own dream path so that I inspire myself, am the student and the teacher at the same time. It is the first realization of the fact that I am growing spiritually to a higher level. Everyone who joins is welcome; I do not light the path for someone else but for myself.

When I light my own dream path everything becomes visible to me when I illuminate the path for other people I am still walking in the dark! ...…. Slowing down dreams


Just think? ... Are you lighting your own path or trying to enlighten others too inspiringly?


But marjan do you write the blog posts for yourself and not for me? ... Yes and No, that may sound double - I write my blog based on my learning process and experiences that I gain. With that I light up my own dream path! That this synchronizes with your energy is very nice and for this I am very grateful that my learning process inspires you and increases your spiritual growth etc ..... So I inspire myself, learn, grow and develop and you grow with me how great is that ... ... Dreams are the Subconscious


I write all my blog posts myself, I do all the research myself, I develop everything myself, I inspire myself with everything I learn. So it could very well be that I learned something yesterday that I will describe tomorrow and then immediately press enter to share it. But there are plenty of inspiring lessons that I don't publish for weeks, days because I'm just not done learning yet. Learn to anchor yourself


Only when everything is perfect in life are you done learning - living.


You are the radiant center of your own dream path that can only be walked by you. If people join in, it's not because you had to help these people! No, because you inspire them to walk their own inspiring dream path. They hook up because you inspire yourself and your energy radiates purity that has a deepening value for the world in which we live. 

If you allow this way of life into your life, it no longer matters how many followers you have on social media, or how appreciated and inspiring you are to other people. You are your own ray of sunshine, your own inspiration and therefore 100% successful from the deepest of your soul, your source and your core. It is a new step towards enlightenment and spiritual growth. Letting go of dreams



Dream path awareness of the fact that .... Exercise




Step 1

Awareness of the fact that yourself is writing the book of your life. You are the author, the protagonist and the reader at the same time ... Your path is yours to enlighten no one else can do that for you.




Step 2 

Awareness of the fact that you are the student, the teacher and your own inspirer.




Step 3 

Awareness of the fact that you don't have to inspire anyone but yourself. You are your own inspiration including your mistakes, insecurities and your inferior and good talents. When you try to inspire other people you block your own growth and development and your own life path is dark, uncertain and unknown. How can you help people if your own path is not visible? ....




Step 4

Stop wanting to be perfect, stop wanting to have the right knowledge; before you start your dream !. Start today because the path is a learning process that never starts perfectly or at the right time. It is precisely that path that inspires new lessons and possibilities. Growing and developing occurs the moment you walk the path.




 Step 5 

Make mistakes, do a lot of stupid things, strange things, crazy things and learn from them! The purer you are, the more inspiration you will find on your dream path lighting.

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