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Dream protection

Published on 30 July 2019 at 07:00

Dreams, meditations, daydreams, visualization in which we feel we have no control and / or that outside influence takes place are common. You can think of nightmares, too intensive dreams and so on. It causes sleep disturbance and even waking existence disturbance during your meditations, visualizations and so on.


The result may be that you cannot fall asleep - fear; stress, overwork that leads to physical and mental, spiritual blockages with far-reaching consequences. The damage from outside influence can be very great and grow to the point that you can no longer take it


"no longer wanting and being able to sleep, meditate and so on".


The more sensitive you are; you can think of HSP, ADHD, New Time Child and so on. The more you can experience outside influence during your sleep, meditations. They are often disturbances that in turn touch your energy and your physical and mental being. You can develop a block on your chakras, your guides and helper and so on. Dreams are the Subconscious


How do you deal with this form of energy disturbance? ..


You can think of dream training and / or another form of support or coaching. But you can also think of protective exercises. Sleeplessness up to 70%

Crystals, gemstones and cleansing with, for example, white sage and so on.

Arrange for a medium or specialist.

Talk about it, read books on this topic.


I have developed an exercise that also really helps block unhealthy energy and bring peace to your dream and vision, meditation world.

Dream Protection Exercise



Step 1  

Make the determination before you go to sleep to stay protected during your dreams, keep this image and feeling firmly until the last minutes before going to sleep, focus on feeling protected; but open to your guides, helpers, supporters and especially to yourself, your soul, your source and your base etc. Sleep sensitivity



Step 2 

Provide a quiet sleeping environment where you are completely at ease and relax yourself, pay close attention to ensure that you are not, for example, a mobile phone or other steam device near you. This causes interference during your protected sleep and your protected dream status. Bedroom anxiety

Step 3

Sit on the edge of your bed and / or on a chair so that your feet can reach the floor. Lower your attention and focus on your feet. Feel your legs touching the chair and / or your bed edge. Feel your feet making contact with the ground - feel the carpet, parquet and so on.



Step 4

Become aware of the protective gravity that gently pulls you into the chair or bed with a transparent mother of pearl protective energy. Pay attention to your feet; Imagine transparent mother-of-pearl roots growing from your feet. Those roots anchor you deeply in the earth and provide protection. Trauma dreams



Step 5 

From your roots you see a beautiful pearlescent transparent energy coming up that pulls around you like a sphere; protectively the silver energy flows around you - nothing can get through! Take this protective status with you to the next step.



Step 6 

The most important step! .... Lie down, relax. Remember over and over that the transparent sphere of energy is around you. Let go and remember your relaxed state of dreams that let everything flow, then it is very possible that your dream will be experienced completely protected - that nothing unwanted is flowing through it. You determine what is allowed to enter and what is not! Past life dream fear



Step 7

An important next step: You have to remain completely fearless, have confidence in any dream image that appears to you knowing that you are protected by your own energy sphere. You are the writer of the dream script, you determine where you go and how it forms. Full moon dreams



Step 8 

Sleep tight and relax. Dreams open the door to growth

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