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Collecting Dreams Souvenirs

Published on 24 July 2019 at 07:00

Dreams and visions reflect what we experience in daily life, they reflect, your feelings, your experiences, your past, present and possibly a previous life. The obstacles, the answers that are hidden deep within you. But what if in your (dreams of things) you can collect souvenirs and turn them into a collection? ...

A personal dream story with which you can get started from your deepest core, base, from your soul!


This great personal collection reflects who you are - your life - your lessons, your soul, your foundation and / or what you can get started with. Imagine, you regularly have dreams that you cannot post ..... But you know they are important.

Then, in addition to keeping a dream diary or sleeping diary, you can also choose to collect souvenirs (dream things) and gather your own personal collection that gives you a lot of information that you can feel and experience deep in your soul.


"Collecting personal growth at the highest level through dream things".

From your dreams and visions you are able to take things with you on an (un) conscious level. Yes, you read it correctly, you can take objects symbolically and when you wake up you can also see it in your mind's eye; visualizing what you have in your hand. The dream owner is you!




Your dream collection can be colorful, black and white, old / worn out, new, packaged, big, small and completely unexpected.

Your dream collection keeps growing and developing. You can get rid of things that you have dealt with and replenish other things.



The dream collection method is the first step to lucid dreaming. Dream Bird's Eye View 10 Lucid Dreaming Warnings and conscious dreams and visions. It increases your dreams and visions process and awareness of the fact. But you can also think of spiritual growth, soul growth and development in the field of life goals, assignments and connection with your guides, helpers and / or with whom you feel connected, etc. Dreams are underestimated.

The dreams collection method




Step 1

Make the determination before you go to sleep to stay conscious during your dreams, keep this image and feeling firmly until the last minutes before going to sleep, focus on what insight you want to receive.




Step 2

Provide a quiet sleeping environment where you are completely at ease and relax yourself, pay close attention to ensure that you are not, for example, a mobile phone or other steam device near you. This causes disturbances during your sleep and your dream status.




Step 3

Take the time to increase your skills such as meditation, visualization and daydreaming during the day. Try to focus on becoming aware of the fact that ... The third eye and seeing images, feelings, stimuli, sound, etc.




Step 4

Remember again and again that it is an image, is a dream, a visual response from your soul (your subconscious). A dream, a visual answer in which everything is possible and in which there are no boundaries or restrictions.




Step 5

The most important step: You have to be completely fearless of any dream image that appears to you. These can be different images that have to do with soul lessons. All you have to do is pick up the image / product / collection item with your hand and / or hands ... Hold it and do not let go knowing that when you wake up it is still in your hand / hands . Dreaming of the end of the year

Open your hand / hands and see it lying down; touch it open it treat it as if it is still physically present. Put it visually (visualizing) possibly in a storage place / cupboard and so on. This is the key to collecting a dreamy things collection. In addition, you can write it down in your dream diary or you can also choose to keep a souvenir dream diary!  




Step 6 

During the day, focus on what you want information, insight, and so on - focus on what you want to collect. Let your pure self speak and give your soul the opportunity to learn to communicate quietly with your ego your brain. Daydreaming helps with this, meditation, visualization provide big steps towards dreams collecting things collection and not to forget they strengthen the bond between your soul and your brain. Letting go of dreams




"With a little practice, we can all collect a dream souvenir"


As you practice, your connection with your soul, your life mission, your hidden emotions, feelings, basis, past life becomes increasingly clear. It grows and develops so that you as a person also grow and gain more insight into who you are, were and can even become. Learn to anchor yourself

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