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Vacation and dreams

Published on 13 July 2019 at 07:00

You have probably experienced it once, you are on vacation and you suddenly start dreaming more consciously, or you can suddenly experience vision - your dream world suddenly becomes different from what you are used to. That may be true and it is very common! You are not alone in experiencing sleep problems and / or sleep improvement.


It is much more than just another bedroom and a different environment to unwind, relax and so on. Of course (un) conscious holiday tension and stress also play a role in the whole, but that is not the underlying reason for your holiday dream change. Dreams open the door to growth

On vacation you can suddenly dream differently, visions because you are in a different flow, different energy and different environment. It does affect your nocturnal emotions, but you can also think of falling asleep - disturbance and / or improvement. Better sleep above 30 degrees



You can think of, among other things.


Holiday stress, anxiety and tension;

Different environment, bedroom noise and so on;


New people, new encounters and so on;

Strange energy; different vibration, different time cycle and time zone;

Past life, life purpose, karma and so on;

Energetic experience, negative energy;

Lei lines, places of power and outside influence;

Dreams and visions block;

Old memories, loves, quarrels and so on;

Guides, helpers and / or that with which you are connected.



If you travel through different countries (this money for both long and short stays), you can even suffer from different energy currents and vibrations per country that affect your sleep, dream world and vision world. Late summer dreams

On your holiday you will of course also meet new people who will both bring you a new lesson in life and can become new friends. They also cause the sleep energy, dream energy and vision energy to change and flow or not.


Maybe you have in your caravan, tent, old holiday stuff from last year and / or that old love! This subconsciously also affects your dreams and visions, sleeping during your vacation. So clean up the old stuff before you leave again this year. Summer dreams


New round of new opportunities and that also disrupts your dreams and vision world.

Holiday dream tips!


Bring your holiday dream diary pay extra attention to the energy, signals that flow and take place during your holiday dreams, holiday visions;

Know that it is "becoming aware of the fact, dreams, visions, sleep is different", is the first step !;

Take a gemstone and / or mineral with you, you can think of rock crystal, rose quartz and so on;

You can also think of white sage and / or purification wood;

Be aware of hypersensitivity to energy from new and old contacts; who sleep in an adjacent hotel room, or live in the adjacent tent, and so on;

Connecting yourself with your guides, helpers and / or that with which you are connected;

Before you go on holiday, check out "Feel" the hotel and its surroundings so you know how or what.


Want to know more about vacation dreams or do you want help with sleeping?

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