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Daydreaming and 0.0% time

Published on 11 July 2019 at 07:00

You probably know it, you have a rare moment for yourself. You sit on the couch with a cup of coffee or tea and while you try to relax your thoughts shift towards the unknown. You don't know why, but images, words, ideas and possibilities pop up in your head ...

That moment when you let go of everything .... So nice but often due to our busy schedules to oblige rare and not successful. The daydreams disappear into nothingness, no change, no manifestation, realization of your deepest and purest desires, inner peace and balance. Dreams are underestimated.


Why is doing nothing time so important? Daydreaming 0.0% time not only brings you closer to your wishes, dreams your desires but also with your soul, your source, your base and your life mission. In addition, daydreaming helps you relax, unwind, clear obstacles, experiences and so on. You clean up, you give it a place and therefore create space in your life / head. You relax your body, your head, your soul, your base, your source comes to rest at the moment of dreams.



Just when you don't have time, you have to make time to do nothing!


It ensures that you have new energy, new inspiration, peace, balance and that everything will flow. So stop when you don't know and just "don't do anything for a minute". You have probably experienced moments like this yourself several times, but usually you continue with the already drawn-out meeting, children playing who want your constant attention or just not getting rid of thesis, writer's block, just bite through; it will be five o'clock and then I will be done working. The children have to go to bed soon - the deadline is set for tomorrow, the customer will come and collect it soon! ..... Stress Sleeping


What if I tell you that just at that moment you have to make time to experience "Daydreaming, 0.0% time" so that the energy can start flowing again - that that dissertation, the meeting, the deadline, mandatory children's attention easy flow ... ………. Is renewed, connects better with your pure self by standing still for 5 minutes and drinking your cup of tea, coffee! It sounds so easy to describe it that way, but it actually is. Stop everything in which you are not flowing and relax, daydream and within minutes you will shift the energy from overfull to half full. Sleeplessness up to 70%


Who wouldn't want that?     

Why is it that it does not work "while it is so important".


Daydreaming 0.0% time breaks the tunnel vision, you relax, you attract new energy, new inspiration and so on. It provides a balance between give and take, work and private life. But above all it opens up your base, your soul, your ingrained patterns.



What we often experience is that we have so many things to do.


Doing nothing, resting, daydreaming and doing useless things is not one of them. It bothers, it is not right, it is not a goal, it is not the starting point in which you have to do so much. Doing nothing does not flow with this thought; it blocks even harder than before.

The nagging, judging guilt against the obligatory tasks, those colleagues, your children, partner and so on.

It's in your system and it can't get out easily and / or it's one of those things that you can't easily let go of and break through. Dream manifestation


After all, it's deeply rooted in it, and it doesn't feel right if you can't do anything useful. We want so badly to do something useful for ourselves, the world and if you then take a moment to daydream useless 0.0% then this does not flow with your intentions

Will you take the challenge with me? ... Take a small step today in quitting when it doesn't suit you; time to dream day and / or 0.0% do nothing for 2 minutes and you will immediately notice the difference.



Make good use of your daydreams and your 0.0% time!


You have to start by putting your mind on one thing that has a light-hearted purpose! .. So being 0.0% daydreaming gives you a light-hearted purpose. The purpose of doing nothing has changed its function. It gives way to personal growth and development, progress from your personal vision. There are tons of things you can do with light-hearted purpose. You can think of painting, drawing, taking care of plants, walking, cycling, collecting gems, meditating, yoga, daydreaming, drinking coffee and / or tea. "That what you like". So it doesn't have to take an hour; a few minutes is enough to get you started. Find your dream resource


In addition, it is very important that you maintain your light-hearted goal as a basis. Let the rest develop lightly - don't think about your work, your obligations, just clear your head and let it flow.


Compliment yourself when you have finished your light daydream moment - feel the energy flowing again, the connection growing again, the inspiration coming again and so on. You will see that everything comes to you more easily and / or you are more relaxed than before.


You can of course also use the Dream Yoga "Sleep Meditation" to fully unwind, follow dream coaching !.

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